July 9, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Providential Irony?

There are actually only a couple of things left to finish and then we'll be done with the kitchen. The list is down to a painting the toe kick, a plate rack, and the built-in dining table, which Dan is working on now. The other details fall to me, like the unpacking and putting away. Also on my list was a stool for my work area.

I showed you where Dan created a place for a work stool when he made my kitchen peninsula....

Photo from "Building The Kitchen Peninsula"

When I went to buy the stool, there was only one left, and it had slightly uneven legs. Being the impatient sort (and not trusting that the price wouldn't be higher when they got new ones in,) I bought it anyway.

Dan put a level to it every which-away and we still couldn't figure out how to correct it. But. The floor is slightly uneven under the peninsula too. When I set the stool a certain way, it is perfectly level, no wobble, no unevenness, no problem.

Amazingly the stool is perfectly level & stable in this spot.
My shelves are filling up, though I'm still
experimenting and rearranging things.

How about that! I just love my work area.

I'll show you where I decided to hang my cutting board too. Very convenient.

2 glue-on hooks hold the cutting board

Funny how the last few projects seem to take the longest. Maybe that's really just my impatience. Still, now's not the time to be in a hurry. Hopefully I'll have before and after photos to show you soon.


  1. Sounds like that one stool was meant to be yours! just the right fit! Love the kitchen.

  2. Simple, but so clever of you to think of a place for the kitchen stool to live when not in use! And evidently, it was SUPPOSED to be in that very spot. Looking forward to the before and after photos. Always interesting and fun to see. Love, love, love your green color in the kitchen!

  3. one of our garden chais is just like that - it only sits stable in one spot:) never mind, as long as we know that there's no problem.... and I'd say that it takes some time to find the most convenient spot for everything. but at least you have the space to put everything somewhere within reach now:) I see a tick on the to-do-list in the very near future!!

  4. You all have done a wonderful job with your kitchen! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  5. You are so wise to take your time and get everything just right in your kitchen..everything is looking great. xo

  6. Ooh, can't wait for the big reveal!!

  7. And you be rearranging things this time next year. I've been in my house 18 years, and I'm still rearranging the kitchen at times. I'm still not completely happy with it, but other than rebuilding the cabinets to fit my needs better, there's not much I can do.

  8. You have created the perfect work center! I love that the stool is "just right"...

  9. Congratulations on getting to finish line with the kitchen.

  10. The end is within sight. Well done and enjoy it!

  11. I'm glad the stool worked out perfectly. It was meant to be! Great idea for the cutting board placement. I'm sure you're excited about nearing the kitchens finish line.

  12. Everything is looking wonderful. I love the hardwood floors.
    We just got good news. The septic is in great shape & needs no repairs. Woohoo!! It looks like we might just get our "homestead" out in Wa. after all. Elizabeth

  13. Berte, thanks!

    Mama Pea, it certainly seems that way doesn't it. :) I've started to work on the after photos. Can't wait to have this whole project done. :)

    Rob, thanks!

    Bettina, how funny. At least we can find spots for things like that!

    Clint, Sherri, and Jaime, thanks!

    Benita, I know what you mean, LOL. I'm hoping to find things a good home though. :)

    Lynda, it is working out really well too.

    TL and Bridget, thanks!

    Bernadine, I couldn't believe it when I found out it would work in that spot. Can't tell you how happy it made me.

    Elizabeth, that's excellent news! You know what this means though, don't you? It means you have to start a blog!!!!!!! ;)

  14. It looks like that cubby hole was just meant for that stool, and I love when things fit maybe by accident! Richard

  15. It's so exciting to see things coming together, Leigh! I love "a place for everything, and everything in its place" - you'll be there soon.

  16. Hmmm?? I am so computer illiterate. I will have to get someone to set up a blog & hold my hand to use it. ha! ha! I must admit it would be fun. I enjoy the blogs that I read. I am not sure mine would have enough to interest anyone though. We'll see

  17. Richard, that's exactly it!

    Debbie, thanks. I'm certainly hoping there's a place for everything. At least I planned it that way but now I'm wondering. :)

    Elizabeth, if you can email and comment, you can blog! I'd suggest (when you're ready) that you sign up for a blog and just doodle around with it. You don't have to actually publish anything, but you can get an idea of how it's done and even "preview" your posts. Actually, I said the same thing as you before I started this blog, "who'd be interested?" It's amazing how many folks are excited about homesteading, interested in others experience, ready to learn, ready to help. At the very least, we find our blog to be an excellent record of what we've done and when.

  18. Now that's what I call serendipity!

  19. Thanks for the encouragement. Elizabeth

  20. I love before and after pictures . . . I look forward to that posting! Isn't it amazing that stool was just meant to come home with you. The kitchen project is really coming to an end for you and then all there will be to do is use it to its fullest creating yummy foods for your loving hubby!

  21. You have both done such an amazing job on the kitchen Leigh! So cool to watch the progress.


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