April 23, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Progress on the Cabinetry

Once we finally finished the floor, we were ready to get started on this part of the kitchen ....

My kitchen remodel, ready to put in the sink cabinets
Bare kitchen wall like a bare painter's canvas

The sink will go under the window, so the first step was installing the base cabinets. We started with the corner cabinet.

1st cabinet in place

This is the one Dan shortened so we could fit every thing across the 11.5 foot wall. Next was the sink cabinet, but first, something had to be done with the air duct opening in the floor.

Close-up of air duct hole in kitchen floor

In the original kitchen, this opening was hidden under the sink cabinet, which had a section of the toe kick cut out to allow heated or cooled air into the room. Trouble was, it blew up into the cabinet via the cutout for the water pipes instead. In the winter, I would open the door under the sink and it would be toasty warm under there, but the kitchen would be chilly. To actually get the air moved out into the room, we first added a 90° elbow over the opening .....

90° elbow duct covering the vent hole

Of course, in typical old house "this can't go right the first time" upgrading fashion, the elbow is a modern 10 inches in width, while our old ductwork is 12 inches. Dan just centered the elbow over the hole and covered the gaps. Then he created a "duct" on the bottom of the cabinet.

Built in air duct

Then we set it in place....

Sink cabinet in place

This solution worked beautifully and the air does indeed come out as it's supposed to. A vent cover will eventually finish off the opening.

Lastly, the drawer cabinet....

Kitchen base cabinets all in place

Next, the wall. I had leftover wallpaper after papering the dining nook, but there wasn't much and it was too expensive to purchase another roll. Consequently I had to make every square inch count. Since this wall will contain a combination of cabinets and shelves, I figured why wallpaper behind where the cabinets and fridge will be. Once everything is in place, who's going to know except me, Dan, and you?

Wallpapering in progress

Once the wallpaper was up, it was time for the countertop....

Countertop installed

This is an inexpensive stock laminate countertop; nothing fancy. It was originally a standard 10 foot length, so we had to cut it to fit. The back splash was molded in, but we had to add the end splash on the right, and an end cap on the left. Notice that the vent cover is in place too.

Next, we put in the sink and did the plumbing!


  1. its really coming along ,cannot wait to see it all done

  2. hey, you're nearly ready on that wall! I had to laugh when I saw the wallpaper pieces... it looks a bit like a blue sky with a few fluffy clouds, seen through a curtained window:) and I know all about funny walls behind furniture. but if you do take things apart after a long time, you can muse about the years gone by - and what you did in between, made visible by layers and layers of paint, wallpaper etc...

  3. That is progress really showing! It's wonderful that you can finally see things coming together. I'll bet you can't wait until everything is back and you get to sit down to that first meal in the finished room! That's a good solution to the vent issue.

  4. Theresa, thanks. It seems like it's taken forever to get to this point. :)

    Joyfulhomemaker, me too! LOL

    Bettina, funny about walls, isn't it. I thought about what you said as we removed the old cabinetry. We could trace the changes made in the kitchen by the color paint beneath them!

    Nina, oh, it is wonderful indeed! Once the sink is in we can actually begin to use the room again! We have our old table and stools in place, but with a counter and sink I'll be able to do some food preparation and wash dishes!

  5. Coming along great! I love starting with a blank canvas and had to chuckle on the wallpaper job. Good idea though.

  6. Wa-hoo! Seeing real progress now.

    The warm air vent under the sink and water pipes is a great idea. Maybe it doesn't get cold enough by you to be a worry, but to keep our kitchen water pipes from freezing, a precaution we take on really frigid nights is to open the doors on that cabinet. We're probably the ones who need that warm air vent where you have yours!

  7. My MIL's kitchen air vent was done like yours is now. It made washing dishes in the winter nice and comfy...I didn't care so much for it in the summer with the ac on my feet though. ;o)

    It looks as if getting the rest of the kitchen in place is going quickly. I'm sure you've been making sure that happens. :D

  8. Connie, I really hoped I'd have more wallpaper to at least cover the wall behind the fridge. But alas!

    Mama Pea, I hadn't thought about that because indoor pipes aren't usually a problem here. I have to wonder why they did it this way, but on the other hand, I'm not sure where else they would have put it!

    Rob, thanks!

    Renee, I agree about the AC on the feet. I hate cold air blowing on me! I hope the rest goes quickly. We've got the cabinets, but there will be a lot of shelves too, and we have some things to figure out. We'll see!

  9. I just love to watch your methodical approach! Great stuff!

  10. I love seeing the progress...brilliant move with the wallpaper, we won't tell a soul. xo

  11. Brillant idea about wall papering only where you need it. The cabinets are working out perfectly. All in all I really love your kitchen and am looking forward to seeing it all finished. Think I can almost smell the fresh bread coming from your wonderful cook stove...

  12. having fun watching your project..
    can't wait to see what's next

  13. An air vent in the kitchen is something I've never seen. I chuckle at your creative use of the last bits of wallpaper . . . you made it work! Coming along so nicely . . . there IS light at the end of the tunnel poking through!

  14. It's coming together. That is a good feeling for sure!

  15. Looking good. And don't worry I think we all can see your secret. Can't wait to see it finished.

  16. Oh Leigh---I can't wait to see the finished product. I love watching your remodel take place. :)

    Hope you are doing well today! :)

  17. Congratulations on the progress, bet you are getting anxious to get it finished now.

  18. Badgerpendous, thanks. I think though, it would be more interesting to watch than to live. :)

    Sherri, at least I had enough to do that!

    Thistle Rose, thanks! Hopefully I got the wallpaper in the right places. :)

    Lap Dog Knits, plumbing!

    Janice, I've never seen one placed like this before. Always something curious with this place. And yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    Candace, very good!

    Barb, thanks, lol

    Kristi, it is fun to see remodeling projects. I'm thinking the eventual before and after photos will be quite the contrast.

    Nancy, thanks!

    TL, thank you! And you're right, I've very ready to be done with it.

  19. You guys are really getting there! Having spent the last couple of weeks helping a friend get her "new" house ready to move into (my time has mostly been spent in the kitchen, prepping and painting cabinets, putting on new hardware, lining all shelves and drawers, and putting it all back together), I definitely appreciate the amount of work you two have done. It'll be so nice for you when you can look back and see (and use) the finished product!

  20. Clever idea with the wallpaper!

  21. Love the green on the cabinets. Hope you are going to leave it. Looks great with that wallpaper :)Stevie@ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

  22. Sue, it's work, isn't it! Still, the results are fun and well worth it. I know your friend greatly appreciated your help!

    Tanya, :)

    Stevie, oh yes to the green. In fact, we were the ones who painted them that color. It was the only way I could think to match old stained cabinets with new unstained ones!

  23. You will love that vent beneath the sink. it will keep your toes warm while you wash dishes. Also, Riley will love it, too. In the winter, our cats sit in front of that vent at our house.

  24. Hi Leigh! Your kitchen is looking beautiful! Love the floors too. Ya'll did (are doing!) a great job. It's stylish and 'warm' at the same time.

    On one of your previous posts about kudzu, that's actually one plant we don't have on our property, but, as you well know!, seems to grow everywhere else around SC. I've seen Nancy's baskets and they are beautiful. Let's see... 'one person's trash is another's treasure'?! Sounds like your goats think it's a 'treat'!
    Have a great day!

  25. Benita, the cats discovered it even before it wasn't functioning properly. :) At the time of course, they were the only ones who benefited from it!

    Lisa, thanks! Good to hear from you. You are so fortunate to not have kudzu because it only takes one seed!


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