January 3, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: Dining Alcove Ceiling

One of the things we liked about our original kitchen, was the tongue & groove walls and ceiling. Unfortunately we had to take some of the walls down for structural repair and insulation. These were mostly exterior walls which we finished with drywall. The remaining walls we left in tongue & groove. When it came to the ceiling, we had two ideas: leave the T&G and add decorative ceiling beams, or install a tin ceiling.

I admit I wasn't real keen on a tin ceiling, but Dan loves them. This was what actually led to our decision to give the dining alcove a different look from the rest of the kitchen. We could use tin panels on the alcove ceiling, and still have our beams in the main part of the kitchen. Plus, because the alcove area is small, 5.5 by 7.5 feet, a tin ceiling would be affordable there; in fact, it cost us less than $275.

The tin ceiling would also solve a couple of problems we had there as well. One was the holes left by two previous light fixtures, which you can see in the photo below.

A hall light used to be on the left, pantry light on the right,
but that was long before we bought the place. 

The second problem, was a couple of buckled ceiling boards....

Problem: buckled ceiling boards between the old light fixtures.

Dan fixed this by cutting between the two boards with his skilsaw and then screwing them tightly to the ceiling joist.....

Solution: screw the buckled boards to the ceiling joist

This flattened the ceiling out nicely, which we needed for nailing the tin panels to. Because we have a wood ceiling, we didn't need to first install a substrate. We could nail the panels directly to the ceiling. All we had to do was run chalk lines, and Dan used a brad nailer to attach the panels.

The panels are 24 inches square, with a 6 inch pattern. Pattern repeat is 12 inches. I figured a small pattern would be better for a small space. Plus it made it easy to know where to cut and fit partial panels.

Next came the crown moulding. This was trickier and we did mess up a little. However, I doubt anyone will notice from a galloping horse.

I had a hard time photographing the whole thing, but here's a fair shot....

And here it is in perspective with the rest of the kitchen....

One end

And the other

I think that about does it for the ceiling, except for the lights. 

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  1. I'm with Dan, I love it and you know, you can always paint it and thy look fab that way too, but really, the bright silver tin is what makes it for me! ;)
    Maybe a classic colonial wrought iron light or blackened pierced tin lights.....

  2. Ye Gads! it's beautiful, I love the way the remodeling is going..and that Stove with it it's all like a dream country home..I love your idea's ..

  3. It's wonderful!!
    You've got quite a list for 2012, I'll be enjoying reading along during the coming year and sharing all the projects - it's very interesting, lots of information I had no idea about life other than the concrete jungle I'm in.

    Enjoy your day!!!

  4. I'd be torn between the T&G & tin ceiling also.....until I saw what you guys did; it looks AWESOME! A little special eating nook with fancy tin ceiling, how nice!

  5. It is beautiful, Leigh! Dan does such wonderful work and you included....;)!!! Hugs! :)

  6. Leigh, it's terrific! I envisioned something entirely different, and admit I was skeptical. It turned out so much better than my imagination. It's really pretty, and distinctive, and will reflect light, making the small space brighter. How special!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Theresa, the results absolutely won me over. I agree about the silver color and it does lighten up the room beautifully. Plus we have a lot of other silver in the room, particularly the nickle plating on the cookstove. I like your lighting ideas! I have an antique brass mini-pendant for over the dining area, which is along the same lines.

    Ginny, it is like a dream! I've never had so beautiful a kitchen and have to pinch myself to make sure its real, LOL

    Kyle, thanks! Your comments and input are always welcome.

    Carolyn, it worked out really well. I'm always cautious, because the ideas in my head don't always materialize the way I hope! This one exceeded expectations.

    Pam, thanks! It's a lot of fun. You'll see when you get your farm. :)

    Debbie, mine too, LOL. It really adds a lovely touch to our kitchen. I'm a happy camper.

  8. Very nice! I don't think I would want a tin ceiling over all of my kitchen either. But that little bit in the breakfast nook looks great. You and Dan are doing a great job.

  9. Wow, lovely! I'm betting it matches your wood cookstove beautifully! How fun to add your own special touches, and really make this place your home :)

  10. Looking good, girlfriend, looking good. You don't know how lucky you are to have your very own Handy Man Dan!! As I say about DH, he writes checks really well. :)

  11. It looks very nice and you did such a good job putting it in.

  12. Excellent job...it looks wonderful.
    I enjoy your kitchen updates very much. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I do love it the way it is - it looks fantastic!

  14. I LOVE tin ceilings! However, looking at the full picture makes me think I would feel like I was in a giant oven. Uncomfortable!

  15. WOW! Not sure what else to say but WOW! I love the way the edge flows into the walls.

  16. Love, love,love tin ceilings! It looks fantastic, great choice!

  17. I really like it! It reminds me of Milk and Honey - a stylish but chilled out members club in London.

  18. When Dan's done with everything at your place, feel welcome to send him out for a working vacation here in Oregon. Amazing what you guys have accomplished! That tin ceiling is gorgeous.

  19. You and Dan continue to amaze! You could start another career! HOME REPAIR and RENOVATING and use your own home as the Show Case!
    The ceiling looks great. I really like the way you used the tin as crown moulding! Remember that I still need Dan for that Chicken coop!

  20. Oh that is so pretty Leigh! I am a sucker for tin ceilings:)

  21. Sweet ceiling, but I agree with you, one small area is enough. I, too, love the beams and T&G of the rest of the room.

  22. Judy, thanks! The breakfast nook is just enough. :)

    Jaime, oh yes it does, really helps pull the kitchen together, from a visual aesthetic.

    FFG, Well, my DH has to be handy as there's nothing in the checking account to write checks for. ;)

    Renee, thanks! We're pleased.

    Natalie, thank you for that. I love others' kitchen updates as well. There's just something about interior design. :)

    Serenity and Donna, thanks!

    Sylvanna, oh no! I hadn't thought of that, LOL. In real life it's nothing like. Maybe because it's so cold these days!

    Betsey and Jocelyn, thanks!

    Tanya, sounds like a place I'd like to visit. :)

    Sue, LOL. He thinks he'd rather get on with building a barn. :)

    Tom, the crown moulding is neat, isn't it? We bought it that way and only had to install. Getting the angle was a bit tricky, but it looks all right.

    Stephanie and Woody, thanks!

    Benita, it worked out well. I love the tin in the alcove, but that's enough for me. Dan agrees as well, so we're both happy. :)

  23. Love the tin ceiling! It's perfect..

  24. When I first started reading this post I thought I would be choosing the T&G over anything tin-nee and shiny . . . but oh my, when I saw the finished ceiling I gasped at its beauty. So so pretty, Leigh. I'm still in awe at the skills and talent that man of yours has!

  25. Hi
    I love your ceiling. What Company did you purchase them from?

    Thank you

  26. Thank you David! We're really happy with the way it turned out. We bought it from The American Tin Ceiling Company.


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