December 8, 2009

Fruit Trees Planted

After some debate about whether to plant our new fruit trees or to heel them in for awhile, we went ahead and planted them. The dilemma was because of the weather and mud. As every gardener knows, one doesn't work in the garden when it's muddy, because it compacts the soil too much. This was the concern for the trees because we've had a lot of rain over the past several weeks with more in the forecast. Finally Dan called a local nursery who told him to get them in, so we did.

4 little fruit trees, all in a rowAlmost too small to see, but there are four little fruit trees planted there. The two pears are on the left, and the two apples on the right. We planted the two dwarf peaches in the front yard...

And 2 more hereI'm hoping that eventually they will provide shade for my studio (the two windows on the right), because it gets rather warm in there on summer afternoons. Plus they'll be pretty to look at when they get big enough to bloom in the spring.

I feel profoundly thankful for these trees, not to mention excited at the anticipation of having our own fruit. I definitely plan to baby these trees for the next couple of years.

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Leslie said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! I have enjoyed reading your blog. Your fruit trees look great and all the fruit you get from them in the future will be nice too!

Theresa said...

Woohoo, happy little trees! They look great. I hope those peaches grow quickly, what a beautiful view they'll make from your studio window.
No planting here for a while, 3 degrees this morning and seriously frozen ground.

Woolly Bits said...

I think planting trees feels good! it's different to planting other stuff, because they'll still be there (or at least they should!), when we're long gone. when you walk around here, every now and then you'll come across a very old fruit tree, bent and crooked, but most of them still flower and bear fruit - a sign of hope in all the dreariness of recession etc.? unfortunately we ran out of space for new ones some time back - I wish we could just keep planting a few more each year:)) I hope yours grow well and give you plentiful pickings in the future!

Benita said...

The first several years we lived at our current house, we planted two trees every spring on our anniversary. We have gotten away from that tradition, but we have been talking about resuming it once again. For starters, we need to finish the wind break of evergreen trees.

I can't wait to see pictures of your fruit trees in bloom next spring.

Life Looms Large said...

Glad they're in the ground!! I've heeled things in before and waited too long - so that planting later was more difficult than just doing it and getting it done. (Of course, follow through is not my specialty!)

We planted a lot of trees at our old house and I love driving by to see them now that they're growing up!


Renee Nefe said...

Congratulations on your new trees. I hope they all become big and beautiful soon.

Julie said...

Don't you just love planting tree's there is just something about it!

bspinner said...

Hopefully they will be full of flowers this coming spring. Good idea to plant some close to the house.

Leigh said...

Leslie, you're very welcome. I really enjoyed your blog too! Thank you about the fruit trees. We are very excited to have them.

Theresa, I'm hoping the same thing! I don't envy your freezing weather, but our icy cold rain is no picnic either. A good day to stay inside to read and write.

Bettina, I know what you mean about planting space. We really had to give some thought as to where to put these. I may be able to sneak in at least one more on the other side of the house, I just have to find one that's self-futile and produces something we want to eat.

Benita, what a wonderful tradition. Yes, you should resume it! I absolutely love planting things, but especially trees.

Sue, good point. And my almond tree just arrived today and we're in the middle of more rain!

Renee, thanks. Me too!

Julie, I know. What is it? So much more fulfilling than planting flowers. Maybe because it feels like a more permanent contribution to the earth?

Barb, I hope so too. Makes me look forward to spring all the more.

Nina said...

How wonderful that they are in the ground! Better sooner than later and they'll have all winter to settle in. You're that much closer to the first fruit you've grown yourself. Yum..
Winter has set in here. The ground is frozen and we've had a few small snowfalls. I'm getting my gardening fix by reading seed catalogues and planning for the spring.

Sharon said...

You place looks heart warmingly wholesome. I always smile when I look at your posts. I hope your trees are so prolific that you will need a dehydrator!

Leigh said...

Nina, it's such a relief. We made them a priority for the reason you mention, the sooner we have them, the sooner we can expect fruit!

Sharon, thanks. My dehydrator (as well as my canner) will definitely get a good workout once we begin to harvest from these!