August 24, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: My New Dish Rack

I'm pleased to report a little more progress on the kitchen. When the weather's nice, we usually focus on outdoor projects like the garden or firewood, but on rainy days we can tackle a few other things. The other day, Dan finished this...

handcrafted dish rack
My new dish rack

A dish rack. I love it. It's one more wonderful space saver and I love that it shows off my dishes. :)

Close up 

Plus it helps make everything handy for putting away dishes. Silverware is in the top base cabinet drawer, dishes are on the rack, and glasses and bowls are in the wall cabinet above.

That's one more thing checked off the list! All that's left now is finishing the dining alcove, and the trim in the pantry hallway. Then I'll finally be able to present you with a complete photo tour of my new kitchen!


  1. Love the plate rack .... plate looks familiar, LOL. There is one in my hutch and have a couple of matching mugs.

  2. The plate rack is gorgeous and such a handy idea but I must say I truly felicitate the cabinet above it!

  3. Your dishes match your cabinets. I assume that was purposeful?

  4. Ooohhhs and Aaahhhs so pretty,I love it.It's amazing what kind of ideas you get when remodeling.

  5. It looks terrific, Leigh! Dan did a great job on it. It looks like it was originally all in one, not like something he added on. Well done!

    You're almost finished - we're nearly as excited as you are. :)

  6. Risa! So good to hear from you. Thanks!

    TL, how funny. I got the plates at Dollar Tree. The matching mugs too. The 2 dessert plates were found separately at thrift shops. :)

    Jacqueline, thanks! The wall cabinet was something we found several years ago (I have 2, with different but similar fronts) and was the basis for the entire kitchen.

    Benita, of course. :)

    Mandy, isn't it though. Makes me glad I invested all those hours into pouring over kitchen remodeling books and magazines.

    Debbie, thanks! Looking like a single unit is one of the advantages of finishing everything ourselves. Materials and stain matched!

  7. Great idea and it looks lovely! The handy placement will be a time saver and a great convenience. I have pondered open shelving but do worry about the dust build up and how much more cleaning it would take to be really functional. I do love the look of open shelving though.

  8. Just another little personalized bit that makes your kitchen so lovely! In our busy lives, we tend to just keep steam rolling on and neglect to actually make those special touches that cause us to feel good and smile every day for years to come. Your personalizations in your remodeling have been a good reminder to me. Thanks.

  9. It looks great. I should probably rethink how I have our kitchen set up. hummm

  10. I loved Mama Pea's comment about taking the time to personalize when you have the chance. I love this idea for your kitchen and I love the fact that you have been blessed with a very talented and gifted man. I am excited about taking a tour of your completed kitchen project@

  11. I love it! Gee...where do I find one??? :) It's a great idea and well put to use again. It's so nice to find forgotten things and give them jobs again.

    Great thinking!

  12. That is cute as a button and practical, too! I love the fall colors on your plates. You must be so happy to have your dream kitchen!

  13. I have always like the look of those racks..When you have pretty dishes like yours, it is nice to be able to show them off!

    Have a great weekend my friend! xo

  14. Dan did yet another outstanding job on the cabinets in the kitchen - the dish rack is perfect.

  15. Nina, I'm like you with that open shelving. I love the look, but hate the extra cleaning.

    Mama Pea, it has been so much fun to be able to make what we want. Or maybe I should say what I want. And I'm so fortunate to have someone who can do it!

    Renee, thanks. I've lived in too many inconvenient kitchens over the years. I figured this kitchen should be the way I want it!

    Janice, I'm looking forward to that grand opening tour too. All we have to finish is the dining nook!

    Kathy, I have to admit I found the idea in books. We looked online for one to order, but they were all the wrong size! Made to order works best. :)

    Brenda, thanks! And yes, I'm delighted with my kitchen. So thankful we got the bulk of it finished for canning season.

    Sherri, thanks!

    Martha, he did indeed. He'll admit it went though a lot of mental revisions, but it came out just right in the end.

  16. Love this! It looks wonderful in your kitchen!

  17. A very nice country touch! Richard

  18. It's beautiful!! With me being short and and having back problems this would be an awesome idea.

  19. Jaclyn and Richard, thanks!

    SmithGang, that's the beauty of doing a kitchen overhaul, you can arrange things to suit yourself!

  20. I just finished reading the comments you left on my post about a homestead kitchen. I'm sorry to respond so late, but we have been out of town. I've left you a response, if you would like to come back and read it. I'm looking forward to catching up with your latest posts!


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