March 23, 2012

What's Growing: Puppy Dog, Goat Bellies, & Winter Wheat

The Puppy is Growing.....

Kris, 3 months old

Kris seems to be growing right before our eyes. He's got the Berner markings and Anatolian coloring, fur, and body conformation, except for the tail. His tail doesn't have the Anatolian Shepherd curl. We'll have to wait and see where the Pyrenees shows itself, though his head and face are similar. All three breeds are huge dogs.

Goat Bellies are Growing .....

Only Jasmine would cooperate for a photo op..

Upcoming potential due dates: April 3 or April 25.

The Winter Wheat is Growing .....

Winter wheat, growing & starting to head

Happily, my winter wheat recovered from it's yellowed condition after I began to apply nitrogen. The fish emulsion was difficult to spray due to the size of the patch, but hand broadcast blood meal helped a lot. I could only find the little 3 pound bags (which cover 180 sq. ft) so it took several. There are still some stunted yellow spots but for the most part, it's doing well.

And who could resist a few more puppy pictures...


  1. *tries to leave intelligent thoughts in your comment box....can't resist cuteness of puppy* Awww he's so flippin adorable, I just wanna snuggle him silly!

  2. Such a cute puppy! Love the yawn! I'm also glad to see you've got a pregnant goat! I haven't been by in a while! Fun update!

  3. All seems to be growing quite nicely on your 5 Acres! Thanks for the update.

  4. yay for growing goat bellies! April is just around the corner. Awwww.... puppy piccies... He's adorable.. and those legs are long and huge paws! He's certainly not going to be a lap dog, giggle :)

  5. All legs and just way too cute. Thanks for the puppy shots. They grow up all to quickly IMHO. I could take puppyhood for at least 2 years I think. ;)

  6. Kris is just too adorable! How is he doing with all the animals?

    So glad to see the wheat is recovering.

  7. Look at the legs and paws on that puppy! He is going to be a big boy. Very nice to see things are thriving on your 5 acres.

  8. A. Wright, he's got personality too!

    Megan, thanks! I've not had a chance to do much blog visiting lately either.

    Mama Pea, happily, yes!

    Nina, yay indeed. We think Kris is going to be a giant!

    Theresa, they do grow up too soon, don't they? I feel kind of bad for him though, the goats don't want to puppy play!

    Stephanie, pretty good. He tends to bark at the goats when they get into it. and at the chickens in hopes they'll play. He likes us people too. :)

    Susan, it's the legs that grow fast! It's a good time of year for things taking off.

  9. I can't wait to see how Kris turns out, I 'll keep coming back to see!

  10. Look at those gianormous paws! :)

  11. Wow, he's getting big! He looks like a teenager though, gangly and all legs.

  12. Oh, I haven't been keeping up with my blog reading, but these puppy pictures are sure a reward for popping by. I am seriously needing a puppy in my heart says yes, but my head is still arguing. Kris has got some growing to do to fit into those paws!!! So cute.

  13. Leigh,
    Looks like some one is more attached then she wanted to! Can't resist Puppy's or Chicks! I know what it's like!

  14. Kris is adorable. Puppies and babies - they are irresistible, aren't they :)

  15. Swamp Dog, I think he's going to turn out very well indeed!

    GoFaster, we're wondering if he'll ever grow into them. :) BTW, I wanted to return the blog visit, but your profile is private.

    Candace, that's true! He's not quite as awkward as he used to be though. Only "bad" habit is barking at the goats and chickens!

    Norma, I'm waaaay behind on blog reading as well. We went through the same mental arguing before we got Kris. We knew we needed a dog, but weren't sure we were ready for the time, training, and feed & vet bills. Still, he's our dog. :)

    Tom, isn't that always the way of it. But tell me, will I get this attached to my worms????? ;)

    Dani, so true, so true. :)

  16. Your puppy is so cute! Everything seems to be in order there on 5 acres! God Bless!

  17. Kris is so, so cute! He looks a bit bored with his job right now..I wonder if he has been pecked by the chickens yet? xo

  18. My guess is with the size of those paws, that puppy is going to grow into one big dog! :)

  19. Clint, if it isn't, it's not for lack of prayer and trying!

    Sherri, he is a bit intimidated by the chickens. Not because he's been pecked (at least I don't think so) but because he's been close to chicken squabbles and figures those mean chickens aren't to be messed with!

    MamaTea, I do believe you're right!

  20. Great photos - cute puppies, giddy goats - love them all : )

  21. all I can say is: I want that dog! he is irresistable, but I don't think he knows that? he probably still has to figure out that very soon he will be so much bigger than the chicks, that they won't dare to be mean to him anymore? I wonder how he'll react to goat kids....have fun with your little friend:)

  22. oooh Woolly Bits comment got to me. Yeah I think that Kris is gonna LOVE goat babies! "FINALLY someone who will play with me!"

    Either you're feeding your goats too well or you've got kids on the way. ;o) Congrats! That means they're Kinders, right?

    I'm so glad you were able to save your wheat. It looks so nice.

  23. Happy Hippy, thanks!

    Bettina, we're hoping the kids will make his life more fun. Right now, nobody is interesting in puppy play. :( He's learning about not barking (at chickens and goats) and not biting (anybody. That's not biting biting of course, that's puppy play biting.)

    Renee, I hope so! About the goats, I admit I sometimes have doubts that's anybodies in there. :o Yes, they'll be Kinders!

  24. Ah, signs of Spring!! And, I can't resist...Awwwwwwww! Puppy cuteness overload ;)

  25. Oh my gosh that little Kris is so stinkin' adorable. Don't imagine he'll be little much longer at the rate he's growing. The mama goat must be getting anxious for due date to arrive, and the wheat field is gorgeous. Lookin' good at 5 Acres & A Dream!

  26. Love the puppy pics but goat babies are cuter. Can't wait for those. Someday I will have goats again.

  27. Jaime, puppies do make for plenty of cute. :)

    Janice, thanks! I still need more nitrogen for the wheat. Some spots haven't greened up as well, but then I'm not sure how much I actually need.

    Sista, I know what you mean. One puppy is plenty, but I could never have enough goat babies. :)

  28. Awww he is adorable!!!! They grow too fast though! My "puppy" turned a year old 2 days ago, and he's 36" at the shoulder & 140lbs (Great Dane).

    If that lil one gives you too much trouble, feel free to send him my way! :)


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