April 26, 2011


First outing

Today Surprise's twins are two days old. They had their first chance to explore their new world.

Meeting CryBaby's Boy

Introductions went fairly well. There was a little bit of pushing and shoving. I reckon it's how baby goats learn to respect their elders.

Meeting Auntie Jasmine

Afterwards, the twins fell asleep in the birthing stall and Surprise went out to graze a bit.


They twins are still a little wobbly on their feet and nap a lot. At two weeks old, CryBaby's Boy is a spring loaded. And Jasmine? She is getting wider. And either her rumen is outrageously active in it's movements, or else there's at least one baby goat in there. :) My guess for her due date is May 13th, though I'm a little less certain about that one. I reckon we'll just have to wait and see!

One big happy family???


  1. Isn't it amazing how animals can get up and around so soon after birth?! Thank goodness that humans don't do that, Yikes!

  2. LOL @ sherri-
    Boing-boing-boing- need a video of him
    Those knobby knees are so cute :D

  3. I dont know how you people with baby animals get anything done. I would never get out of the barn.

  4. Such big events! Jane is right - how do we get anything done? I lost a whole half hour this morning, mooning over the new lambs.

  5. cute, and I love their color!!

  6. Too cute! Am looking forward to the next set!

  7. Nice pictures of the family!! Soon they'll all be jumping around and playing.

  8. Sherrie, I agree it's a good thing!

    Peaceful, I should shoot a video! He's so cute. They all are.

    Jane, just don't ask me about housework, LOL

    Susan, I figure part of the reason we chose this life is to enjoy the things that urbanization can't provide. A little time lost on the barn babies is a treasure!

    Teresa, Evelyn, and Barb, thanks!

  9. we need a video of the bouncing babies. LOL Too much cuteness!

  10. To think that my granddaughter was able to hold one-day old babies. I do love these little guys and I especially love their teeny bleets and their mothers call backs.

  11. Renee, my new camera has video clip ability, but I haven't figured that out yet! Looks like I need to, LOL

    Sharon, they are so cute at this age aren't they? I just keep reminding myself that by nature they will grow into stinky, raring to go bucks!

  12. I've started leaving the owner's manuals in the bathroom so that I'll read them. It works really well...only now I'm an expert at all my new toys. :p

  13. They are so much fun. Ours broke into the chicken paddock and have been harassing the hens. But they are oh so cute!

  14. I'm such a sucker for those silky ears!

  15. They are all so cute! Makes we want to hold them :)

  16. Oh my goodness...looking at all these pictures makes me want a goat! When I asked my hubby, he told me no. That's okay, it gives me a little while to work on him :) Thanks for sharing!

  17. BRF, thanks!

    Renee, what a great idea! Might be the only way owners manuals get read, LOL

    Limette, too funny. Our rooster especially seems to be the "target" for a non-goat playmate. The hens all run away, Lord B stands his ground. He's not into reciprocating the fun however, LOL

    Debbie & Christine, they are adorable at that age, aren't they? Too bad they can't stay that little and cute forever. :)

    Renee, well, I hope he agrees some time. You need to visit folks with goats. They are so much fun. And the milk and manure are great!


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