April 3, 2011

Back Porch Progress: Laundry Center

Progress is being made! The new back door is in, the floor is done, the kitty door is installed, the new outlets have been put in, the plumbing has been updated, and my washing machine and dryer have been reinstalled onto the back porch.

My new laundry center

The washer is in about the same place, but this is a much better location for the dryer. (Before shots of the back porch here.) The biggest change though, is this.....

My new laundry tub

... a laundry tub. Initially I never dreamed we'd manage one of these. I had looked around locally, but the only ones I found were 23 to 24 inches across. Too wide for the space we had available. When we sat down to crunch some serious numbers with our back porch floor plan, we managed to make a 21 inch space. I did a little research online and found the one in the photo above, which is 20 inches wide.

My other concern about getting a laundry tub was sturdiness. Both my mother and grandmother had concrete laundry sinks in the basement. The laundry tubs I looked at were polypropylene, and pretty flimsy compared to what I was used to. This one is a blend of fiberglass and crushed stone, and really is fairly sturdy. It also has steel legs instead of plastic ones, which are now common.

Since my porch is also my canning kitchen, I am so pleased to have this sink. It is big and deep enough to accommodate canners and canning pots, not to mention being a water source. It will also be very handy this summer when the kitchen is gutted and I need a place to wash dishes!

The back porch isn't completed yet, but we're at a temporary stopping point. We can turn now, to some other things in preparation for getting on with the kitchen remodel. We'll finish the porch walls and floor moulding after we move the kitchen door. I'll finish painting and we'll put in the shelving later too. At least I can now do laundry without running the garden hose!


  1. I just love, love, love the laundry sink! You are going to use the heck out of it! It is going to come in so handy during canning season!

  2. I love your laundry sink! I used to have a double one that I think was cement in a porch or an old house we had and boy did I use it to death! You will love yours I'm sure.

  3. Hey, that looks like our laundry sink! Except ours mounts to the wall so I have crate space underneath.
    I miss the old huge soapstone one I had in the house in MA. I swear, they must have built the house around it. So nice to have the laundry up and running. I had a girlfriend in TX that had her W/D on the porch too. She covered the area with one of those tracks used to enclose clawfoot tubs and had some really fun curtains she made to hide the whole center since a lot of time was spent entertaining on the back porch.

  4. Having a big deep sink for canning is a huge improvement that you will love. I don't have room for a laundry sink, so my kitchen sink has to be the canning sink, and now that it is in I can hardly wait for canning season. I'm sure the new set up will make things so much easier for you. Enjoy

  5. What a great looking laundry area. It is so bright and makes doing the laundry not so drab.

  6. Lynda, I'm planning to make the back porch my summer and canning kitchen, so this sink is perfect!

    Alla, thanks! I kinda wish I had room for a double. As it is, I'm just happy to have one at all. :)

    Theresa, your friend had a very clever idea. The laundry sink comes in both floor and wall mount models, so we may have the same thing!

    Ali, it will be wonderful to use this as my canning sink. That was one consideration for the type of kitchen sink we'll get. I actually prefer a double, but a deep single would be better for canners. With this sink, I can have the best of both!

    Jane, I admit that I love that it's so light. Lots of windows! And once the walls get a fresher coat of white paint, it will be even prettier. :)

  7. Awesome sink! Ya know, I can see you putting a top over the machines and using them as counter space :D

  8. Awesome! I know you will enjoy it!

  9. our laundry sink has been so handy. Our dog sleeps under it, it's great for tossing items to be washed in (temp hamper), I use it for washing everything big...like Thanksgiving dishes, washing the dog, washing oven racks and cleaning our fish tank. :D

  10. I don't know how people do without laundry sinks! When we built a house I looked everywhere and found a wonderful old double sink of cast iron - it was beautiful!

  11. I'm so excited for you! Your laundry center looks great! :)

  12. Lookin' good! That utility sink will be priceless come canning time. We have plans for a utility sink in the garage remodel and I just know it will be so handy. You should hear me (or maybe you can) spouting a blue streak trying to wash over-sized pots and kettles in my kitchen's dinky double sink!

  13. I use my laundry sink for washing eggs and produce. I didn't think about using it for canning, too - good idea. I am just getting started with the canning bit.

  14. Now that's great progress! Extreme functionality all around.

    I have a (plastic, I guess?) laundry tub - my old one was indeed a concrete monstrosity and cracked, leaking and flooding my laundry room during a washload. My DH nearly pulled his back dragging that thing out the door!

    Mine isn't used for canning, but I sure do like it for washing/finishing skeins of handspun.

  15. Peaceful, thanks! Actually, I do plant to use the tops of the machines when I cook, but I hadn't thought about putting tops on them. The sink does have a separate lid that can be purchased, but I hadn't thought that far ahead yet.

    Angie, thanks! I'm really happy with the set-up.

    Renee, I'll probably soon wonder how I ever got along without one!

    Evelyn, it's been so long since I've actually had one. Laundry sinks just don't seem to be standard anymore. Cast iron is the best, but oh so expensive and oh so heavy!

    Renee, thank you!

    Mama Pea, I know exactly what you mean! With this tub though, I can get a double kitchen sink. I just want to make sure they are deeper than standard.

    NancyDe, oh yes, washing produce. Another good use. You will find it invaluable with your canning projects!

    Debbie, washing handspun! I hadn't thought of that, but that is so true. They come in handy for a lot of things, don't they?

  16. Won't that be a joy to work in?! Lucky you with that nice big sink, my relatives always had the cement ones too. I remember when I was young, mom did the laundry in the basement with a wringer washer and the big sink and then hung the laundry down there in winter or rainy days...That is going to be so handy for canning too and great for when your kithcen is being done...Looks great!

  17. Sherri, I am so happy we were able to work a laundry tub into the plan. I suspect I will us it a lot!

  18. When I built my house in Reno, to get my certificate of occupancy, I had to have a sink in my kitchen. I had a laundry sink. The kitchen counters weren't in, the cupboards were barely there, but I had a sink, a bathroom (2 actually), heat, and electricity. I really, really like laundry sinks, for all the reasons you mention, but also for dyeing. They're great places to wash fleece, rinse dyed yarn/roving, and let's not forget veggies from the garden!

    I have a double laundry sink that's currently residing on my back porch, waiting for the dye shed's construction. I can't wait, but the animals keep coming up with building projects that take precedence. Oh well, someday!

  19. Looking good, Leigh!

    That's great that you could find a laundry sink to fit your space and a sturdy one at that.

  20. Laura, how funny. I reckon a sink is a sink in some folks' eyes. I'm still getting used to the reality of having one. I'm sure before I know it I'll wonder how I ever got along without it!

    BrokenRoadFarm, thanks!

    Toni, it was one of those happy things that worked out well. :)

  21. Oh a laundry tub, I would love one of those. lol Actually, I would really love a tub big enough and high enough to wash my dogs with out breaking my back. Sigh...a girl can dream. :)


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