April 20, 2011


CryBaby's new kid is one week old today! How are things going?

4 days old

Pretty well. She's new to the mom thing, and occasionally forgets where he is. But instinct is a wonderful invention, and she's catching on. His leg has gotten better day by day, which of course is a relief, and he is literally, a bouncing baby boy.

No, we haven't named him yet! Does that sound odd? We've always been slow to name our animals (took over a week for Katy & Riley to get named.) That's because we think personality is key to the right name. And when it comes to the goats, we don't have plans to keep any males, unless as a wether to companion our future buck.

5 days old

Because of his leg, I waited 2 days to make supervised introductions with Jasmine and Surprise. Neither of them thought very much of him. At that point though, CryBaby needed to get out to pasture, so I spent the day close at hand, to keep an eye on things. I had hoped that things would mellow out after a day or so, but the reality of the world of goats includes quite a bit of bullying.

The problem is more so with Surprise than Jasmine.

Surprise, concerned with her person

CryBaby's mom Abigail, bullied Surprise terribly when we first got her. Some I could tolerate, but Abigail had horns, which put her at a dangerous disadvantage. And she took advantage of that. It's one of the reasons we got rid of her.

Surprise & Riley (she's not too crazy about him either)

With Abigail out of the picture, Surprise and CryBaby became the best of friends. Jasmine's arrival didn't change that, until after we lost Charlie (my llama). All of a sudden, Surprise was Jasmine's long lost buddy. CryBaby was on the outs.

Surprise, looking somewhat roundish

Surprise has been downright mean to CryBaby's kid. Not just pushing him out of the way like Jasmine does, but ramming him. Jasmine has been seemingly more tolerant, but not what I would call accepting.

Jasmine & CryBaby's Boy

Jasmine hasn't been especially friendly

He's sooo curious about the other goats though

With Surprise's due date around the 25th (my 2nd best guess), I moved her back into the birthing stall at night, meaning for CryBaby and her baby to share the other stall with Jasmine. Even though they'd shared it previously, Jasmine decided that she didn't want them there, and claimed it as personal territory. She's a smart goat though, and one night outside by herself seemed to do the trick.

Found his way through the chicken gate

Do chickens wanna play?

With more kids on the way, there are more adjustments in store. Dan is definitely not happy with Surprise. Unlike Jasmine, who is smart enough to work some things out, Surprise is stubborn to the point of stupid. Since it's about time for a major reevaluation of our goals, needs, progress, and master plan, I reckon goats will be on the agenda as well.


Sherri B. said...

All of your goats are so precious and I am so glad to hear the sweet new one has four good legs now.
We have always waited to name our cats and dogs to see their personalities too...Have a nice week.

Michelle said...

Was eating the extra males ever in the plan? I thought maybe that is why you hadn't named him. Have you tried your hand at milking yet?

Leigh said...

Sherri, personality can really reveal a name, can't it. :)

Michelle, yes, raising our own meat is one of our goals. That's pretty much what I meant by not keeping any of the males, but when to start that and who to butcher will be Dan's decision. Likely not this one, because we're indulging ourselves in the joy of the first kid born on the homestead. The doelings we will try to sell, unless we keep one of them to replace Surprise, whom Dan would currently like to get rid of. I've made sure CryBaby's teats are open, but I'm not going to milk her because she is double teated, a trait from her Boer genetics.

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Oh he is too adorable. At this stage they are just all knees and ears! I grew up with lots of boer goats (being from South Africa) and the baby goats are just so much fun. Now I just want to drive across the border from Georgia and come and play with him!
Well,since he is your first baby I can certainly understand that you will probably not want to slaughter him. Indulge yourself a little. He is soooooo cute.

Benita said...

I wonder if things will change, though, once Surprise has her own kid to take care of. Being a mama might be just what she needs for an attitude adjustment. I have a friend with a llama who is nasty while pregnant and a sweetie pie once her cria is born. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Seeking Serenity said...

Cannot wait to see the new babies- those girls look like they are going to PoP!
I am really enjoying the photos of the knobbly knees & top-knotted boy :)

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Oh goat politics. It keeps things interesting. That little baby is just to cute, especially in the chicken pen.

DebbieB said...

I was grumpy while pregnant too. LOL! I hope for Surprise's sake that she calms down once her kid is born, otherwise she is asking to be sold.

I love all the pictures - the new kid looks so sweet. :)

Renee Nefe said...

I'm glad to hear that Baby's baby is doing well. I too think that Surprise might chill out after her baby is born.
Love the pictures of BB...he's so cute!

Sarah said...

maybe when the other kid gets there, everyone can establish a peace and get along. And if he has other kids to play with, maybe he won't be pestering grown ups and getting on their nerves.

Mama Pea said...

No doubt about it that goat's all have their own personalities. But you hit it on the head when you said they can be persnickity and/or ornery to the point of stupidity.

I think it's a good idea to wait until all kids arrive, you decide which ones to keep, which to eliminate and then make the decision as to how everyone gets along . . . or doesn't. And what should be done from there.

denise/deBRAT said...

ahhhh love the chicken with kid pictures! I'm sorry that surprise is not so welcoming but even being a "city gal" I'm inclined to believe that she just does not have the patience for someone else's little one around LOL. I'll have to look for warning sides about the disappearances of the males. I guess if i were a male goat and destined to never be the head honcho as I don't have the right bloodlines, I'd rather be a wether than a meal! and my husband wonders why i have trouble eating meat LOL thanks for the pictures and I hope that you have TWO kids from Surprise so she is so busy she never notices the original not-yet-named guy :)

Leigh said...

BM&T, not growing up on a farm has meant a huge mental adjustment in butchering our own meat. Of course, this little guy is special because he is our first. He would probably love someone to play with. At the moment he makes great fun of pushing our rooster around! Fortunately our rooster is a good sport.

Benita, I hope so! I know the poor thing is very uncomfortable and that's reason enough to be grumpy. She's due any day now, so we'll see.

Peaceful, should be any day now! The interesting thing about that top knot is that his mom has one too. She's polled, and I believe he might be as well.

Debbie, LOL, yes that's often how it is. Surprise is getting a little better about him. OTOH, he's learning to stay out of her way!

Renee, thanks! We'll see!

Sarah, it's so hard because I want to go out there and do something about it. Of course, animals have their own reality and people only factor in when it comes to meeting their needs!

Mama Pea, I confess I think there are some people like that too. I'm pretty sure we'll sell CryBaby and maybe her kid, depending on the other kids. I still have an eye toward kinders, which means breeding my Nubians to a registered Pygmy buck. Assuming I can ever get one.

Denise, they're a hoot to watch. Right now Lord B, our rooster, is the kid's only playmate! Of course, this isn't Lord B's idea. :)

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Leigh - My experience of growing up on a "meat" farm (sheep, goats, cattle) contributed largely to me being a vegetarian now. I think few people understand what it takes to slaughter an animal like this. It is not something I want to be a part of anymore.

Scented Leaf said...

They are so cute! Happy Easter!

bspinner said...

So cute!!!! Great pictures. Aren't baby animals fun to watch?

Leigh said...

BM&T, personally I would be perfectly happy as a vegetarian. Dan, however, is a meat eater. That means butchering will fall to him, though I'm willing to assist however necessary. It's new to him though, so there's an emotional and mental adjustment that needs to be made. Our culture wants to make pets out of everything, and some animals aren't pets. If we want to be food self-sufficient, we will likely eat less meat in the end. I doubt he'll want to do away with it altogether though.

Scented Leaf thanks! Happy Easter to you too!

Barb, thanks! I love looking at them.

Tina T-P said...

I can't say that the sheep are much better - He's a cute little guy tho. T.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh these are such cute pictures. I bet there is never a dull moment around those goats!! So glad I found your blog!!