July 23, 2010

Our Mousers Are Growing

Our future mousers that is.

Katy & Riley last May, at 8 weeks old

Katy & Riley now, 16 weeks old

Riley (on the right in both photos) especially is just dying to get outside.  He begs and begs.  That won't happen until after they've had all their shots and been spayed/neutered.  To his credit, he's already caught at least one fly in the house, and eaten it!


  1. I love Katie and Riley updates. :) They remind me so much of when Hatchi and Felix were little- and then bigger, and spilling out of their kitty bed. It won't be long before K and R can no longer figure out how to get both of them in that bed! Hatchi was our only hunter for a long time. But then Felix caught on, with gusto. They have totally different hunting styles though. So interesting, the kitties...

  2. they have a very pretty colour! btw, I read somewhere that they are taught by their moms to go for mice - or birds! I suppose Mr Schindler was taught to go for the latter - unfortunately....

  3. At least he thinks he is Renee! LOL

    Maggie, it's interesting you should say that because these two are very different in personality. Riley is a real go-getter but Katy is more timid. Still, she loves to run, jump, chase and play.

    Nina, I couldn't agree more!

    Bettina, that's interesting and it makes sense. What mom catches would be "real" food. These two were separated from their mom pretty young, so I think they'll have to figure it out for themselves.

  4. Heavenly days!! If that isn't the cutest pair of kitties..I don't know what! The picture has melted my heart!

  5. They look so innocent and so ready for mischief, all at the same time. Are they going to get their own blog?

  6. Barb, I couldn't' agree more!

    Flower, especially at this age. Too bad they can't stay little and cute forever.

    Sharon, hee hee, mischievous innocence is the nature of kittens, isnt' it?

    Somebody else asked me the same thing, about the kittens getting their own blog. I barely had time to keep up Rascal's so I decided I probably wouldn't have time for one for them either. They'll just have to settle for occasional updates. :)

  7. Oh my they are growing. Yes, shots and neutering are coming up quick! I know I've been taxiing Stella to the vet on a regular basis for puppy shots. They like to spread them out so the immune system isn't walloped all at once. I think we have one more two way and her rabies to go, then spay at 6 months or so. You have double the fun!

  8. They are just beyond cute. With one fly down I am sure they will be on to more exciting things when they get let outside. It took Jack a while to get her mousing talent up, but she is pretty good at it for a one eyed cat. I've been noticing that more of the 'presents' that she leaves for us are looking like she has been "flossing her teeth" with them. I'm sure that soon she will start actually eating them instead just playing with them.

  9. They are just so cute! My cats are often catching and eating bugs. And when they are not actually catching the bugs, they are hunting. They love to watch lizards which are outside on the windowsill on the sunny side of the house.

    Isn't it interesting how different cats and the different genders have different personalities? My female cat has no desire to go outside. The male loves to go outside. But both mine were strays which lived outside once (both are now fixed).



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