July 9, 2010

Blender Cole Slaw

When I planted nine Dutch Flat cabbages last spring, I was envisioning filling my huge crock with homemade sauerkraut. Well, the cabbages didn't do as well as I hoped, and what I harvested at the end of June were on the smallish side. I still might have made them into sauerkraut, but with 4th of July around the corner, I had a hankering for cole slaw. I have a pretty easy recipe, so I thought I might pass it along to you.

Chunked garden cabbage & boughten carrotsDan likes a simple cole slaw, with cabbage and carrots only. I'm sure you could add other vegetables, but those two are all I use. I used the last of our homegrown carrots in the first batch, so the ones I'm using here store bought.
I simply cut everything in to chunks, and put them in my blender, which has been filled about 3/4 with water.

Ready to grate in the blenderI've learned that carrot chunks can get stuck in the blades, so I always put in cabbage wedges first. It only takes a few seconds to grate. In fact, it's easy to completely juice the cabbage, so I take care to keep an eye on it.

Draining & saving the waterI catch and re-use the water from the blender. When I'm done blending, I usually pour it on plants, but really, I think it could be used as a cabbage & carrot flavored cooking water.

Cole slaw ingredients assembledThe other ingredients are mayonnaise (not homemade yet. That's on my list of things to learn), leftover pickle juice from any favorite batch of pickles, and sweetening. Here I have dill pickle juice from last year's homemade, and honey. I whisk them to taste in a big measuring cup. I honestly don't know the proportions, because that varies with the pickle juice and personal preference.

Ready to eatAfter that, it's mix, cover, refrigerate, and let sit for several hours or overnight. If I don't make enough sauce, I just mix up a little more and add it too.

I love this recipe because it's simple and quick. It's a favorite summer time salad.

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Theresa said...

Looks yummy Leigh, sorry the cabbages didn't work out for kraut!

Geodyne said...

Looks fabulous!

Home-made mayonnaise is so easy, and so good you'll never want to eat store-bought again. You can even make it in the blender. The secret is to add the oil in as thin a stream as you can, to prevent de-emulsification.

You even have your own eggs to make them with.

Anonymous said...

My cabbages didn't do as well as I had hoped this spring either. At least the farmer's market was overloaded with them!

I love coleslaw. I don't make a special dressing for it, I just a buttermilk ranch that I've made. My husband doesn't care for the "coleslaw" taste, but rather prefers that ranch dressing taste. It's all good.


That looks great and yummy. I love coleslaw and prefer it tangy instead of sweet. I have to try this receipe out.

Melodie said...

Good idea to blend it. I always find my slaws too chunky even when I try to cut/grate the veggies finely.
I invite you to link up at my Vegetarian Foodie Fridays carnival if you wish. I'd love to have you!
Melodie @ Breastfeeding Moms Unite!

Sara said...

I love cole slaw - but, I only like cabbage and mayo in mine...

And, I love kraut...oh, how I love kraut!!!

Woolly Bits said...

unfortunately I am the only cole slaw eater here, so I don't make it all that often. but I do one with red cabbage and raisins (and carrots), though later in the year, when I can buy the cabbage (I don't grow my own, I've given up the battle with cabbage fly infestation:(()

Thepearsonfamilee said...

what a great idea!

annies home said...

I posted freezer cole slaw this morning

Leigh said...

Theresa, I suspect Dan prefers the cole slaw to the sauerkraut anyway. I can still make some, it will just be a smaller batch.

Geodyne, you make it sound easy! OK, I'll have to give it a try soon.

Motherhen68, ranch dressing sounds very tasty too! Good idea.

Deep End, the nice thing about making it this way is that the sweetness can be customized. It all depends on the pickle juice.

Melodie, I like it that way too and never could get it fine enough on my own. Thanks for inviting me to participate in Vegetarian Foodie Friday!

Sara, one of these days you'll need to grow your own cabbages and make your own sauerkraut!

Bettina, red cabbage, raisins, and carrots sounds yummy! I do make a carrot and raisin salad, but I never thought of adding red cabbage. I will have to try that.

Shopannies, what a great idea! I'm on my way over for your recipe.

Cynthia said...

Looks great!

Give homemade mayo a try. It's really very easy. It took me a couple of tries to get the seasoning right (to my taste, it needs a lot in order not to taste flat, and a little dry mustard is the key) but the basic process is a snap. I make mine in my food processor but I'm sure a blender would work, too. Have it running, and add the oil in a very thin, steady stream. It will thicken some as it chills, but should be pretty thick right away. Enjoy!

bspinner said...

Yummy!!!! Looks so good!!!

Kathy said...

Looks very yummy. Thanks for sharing, Leigh! But, I'm going to be very sacrilegious in saying that it looks like it would go great with a pulled pork sandwich.

Penny said...

I recently made cole slaw and carefully sliced all the cabbage thin by hand. We only have a tiny chopper/food processor so the cabbage doesn't fit. I never even thought of using the blender. Great idea! I'm going to have to remember that for next time. It certainly would be a great time saver.

Leigh said...

Cynthia, you're the second commenter to say it's easy! I will definitely have to give this a try. I'd so much prefer mayonnaise in the oil of my choice.

Barb, thanks!

Kathy, I think it would be delicious with a pork sandwich too. The nice thing about Vegetarian Foodie Fridays, is that one doesn't have to be vegetarian to participate. :)

Penny, it is indeed a time saver. My little food processor actually fits onto the base of my blender, but I've never tried it. I should get it out and see what it can do.

Sharon said...

It never occurred to me, not even once, to grow cabbage. I don't know why since I absolutely love cole slaw. Out of curiosity, can you taste the difference between your cabbage and store cabbage?

Leigh said...

Cabbage might be one of those things you could grow too. You should check with your county cooperative extension agent.

I found our homegrown cabbage to not be as dry and much fresher tasting. The best cole slaw was with our homegrown carrots too, because they were so sweet. I definitely need to plant more carrots this fall. Actually, I think it's time to start planning the fall garden, even though we're in the heat of summer. I'd also like to try a hoop house this year!