May 20, 2009

Floor Plan

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Theresa suggested that I post a floor plan, so here it is! It is very approximate, but will give you an idea of how all the rooms fit together.

Dining Room
Hall Bathroom
Living Room
Spare Room
Sun Room / Studio
The Addition

Copyright by Leigh 20 May 2009


Theresa said...

Nice layout and looks like all sorts of spaces for each of you to have some quiet areas. You have a fireplace in your bedroom? How nice is you do. You getting paint colors sorted in your head yet? Once it's clean it will all seem like a canvas just waiting for you to add yourselves into it's history. Lovely place.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the floor plan!! I'm intrigued by the office behind the kitchen. I wonder who added it, when and why.

That's great that you're continuing to make cleaning progress!! Good luck!


MiniKat said...

What a cool layout! Take your time. We can wait. :-)

suzie08022 said...

The house is fabulous! The light in your weaving space is wonderful. Suzie