May 26, 2009

The Dining Room

Here's a quick counterclockwise look at the dining room. (Remember, you can see how it all fits together with the floor plan. )

The French doors look through to the living room. The open door peeks through to the hallway, and is across from the spare room. We believe that the built-in corner cabinets, both the one above ...

... and this one, are original to the house.

The door on the left leads into the kitchen. As in the living room, the walls and ceiling are plaster, painted white in recent years. And as in all the other rooms, the original wall color is green.

A better look at the kitchen door. The door on the left is back where we started (leading to the hallway).

I have to comment on the light fixture. You will note that it is green. When I first saw it, I thought it was antiqued bronze. Imagine my surprise when I went to clean it and lo and behold, it was green!

The big question at the moment is what to do about that pink carpet. It's pretty bad in some spots and considering how dirty the house was, I'm not real keen on keeping it. However, Dan and I took a peek underneath, but the floor doesn't appear to be hardwood. We can't get a real good look without pulling the carpet up. Now I'm wondering what kind of surprise is in store if and when we do!

[UPDATE: To see what we've done with the dining room, click here.]


Life Looms Large said...

2 built in corner cabinets!! Very nice!

If the green color on the walls was similar to the light fixture, that's a color often found in older houses in New England.

Now I'm very curious to see what's under that rug too!!


Theresa said...

Well, there is always laminate or new carpet. Interesting that the wood floors don't extend to the dining room especially since there are built in cupboards. Carpet was not the norm for that period.
You could always paint the floors if they are smooth and to good effect. Heck, paint a rug on the floor. I have painted all our upstairs and bathroom floors and stenciled. The stairs have been painted with a runner.
Porch paint holds up very well and while no paint stays pristine, it has a certain charm that likely would work with the house you have.

Leigh said...

Sue, somehow I seem to recall being told once that green was a very popular color some time around one of the world wars (but I can't remember which.) I think in part though, the previous owner just loved green. And pink. Together. When we first walked through the home, the kitchen table had a green and pink vinyl table cloth with matching place mats.

Theresa, I've been thinking along the same lines. My ideal "quick fix" would be to find an inexpensive carpet remnant for the center of the room, and to paint the border. I will probably tackle this problem as soon as we get the kitchen livable; I have a huge (and heavy) china hutch that need to go into the dining room, so I need to do the floor before I move it in.

M.K. said...

When we pulled up our LR carpet in our old 1920's farmhouse, the floor was hardwood. When we pulled up the DR carpet, there was thick, hard linoleum glued on top of the wood. Not sure what we'll do with that.

Leigh said...

Interesting! That's exactly the same as we found. We refinished the living room floor, but pulled the old linoleum and put down a hardwood floor in the dining room. More on that here.