August 15, 2018

How To Preserve Eggs, Revised Edition

I'm pleased to announce that How To Preserve Eggs: freezing, pickling, dehydrating, larding, water glassing, & more from my The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos has been recently updated and revised. It's now available for free!

I hadn't planned to write a second edition, but while researching for Prepper's Livestock Handbook I found information that was perfect for this little eBook. As I read through the text once again I saw how it could be better organized. Before I knew it, I had a nice little second edition. You can download it from:

If you like it, please consider writing a review. Customer reviews are key to sales and ratings. Authors usually have to beg for reviews, and I guess I'm no exception. But if you like a book, any book, writing a review is a very small way to help the author out.

To those of you who do and have written reviews for me, a huge thank you! By doing so you are part of the 5 Acres & A Dream support team. My book sales enable us to do so much of what we do, and I'm grateful to everyone who is a part of that.

Oh! And if you've been wanting to buy a copy of 5 Acres & A Dream The Book, Amazon currently has it priced at $7.77. (Check it out here). That's the lowest price I've ever seen, but I don't know how long that price will last.

There are several other topics I've been researching, so I hope to have a few more updates to my homesteading series in the future.


Goatldi said...


I read and visited Amazon. I came back with "the" book and a Kindle app. All for $00.00

I had been tempted by kindle in the past but being a died in the wool lover of real books I never took the bait. Now I have the app on my phone and your revised version on it.

I think this may be the start of something. Not to abandon my beloved physical books but to expand my territory.

When I am done I will happily add a review on it. Thanks for the push over the top!

Leigh said...

Goatldi, thanks! I appreciate that. I'm not an eBook fan either, I just got into it as an experiment. Smashwords offers all their eBooks in a variety of formats, including PDF or reading online. It's a nice alternative to Kindle. But I'm glad to hear you like the Kindle app!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Will do Leigh!

Leigh said...

Thanks TB! Enjoy!

Mike Yukon said...

Just finished reading it. Once again you managed to pack a lot of knowledge into your books.

Leigh said...

Thanks Mike!