August 30, 2018

Photo Wrap-Up for August

Good grief, where has August gone to! It's hard to believe it's almost September, although some days felt like October! I'll close out the month with a few random photos that never made it into blog posts.

Young hops vine growing on a trellis.
Hops. This is my third try to grow it - success?!

1st watermelon

Hand threshing wheat with a box fan.
Winnowing wheat with a box fan.

A shot of my garden: sweet potatoes growing in a bed, pink 4 o'clocks next to that.
4 o'clocks and sweet potato vines

Several of my Kinder does.
My Kinder girls wanting me to take them for a walk.

Close-up of popcorn tassels.
Popcorn tasseling

Fresh salads are the order of the day.
Tomato, goat cheese, and sheep sorrel salad.

Savoy cabbage and clover mulched with wood chips.
Savoy cabbage that managed to survive the summer.

The Dutch door is a favorite place for our barn cats.
Sam in the barn door.

How about you? Are you ready for September?

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deb harvey said...

you might read
'the deliberate agrarian'
about his hoops growing methods. he lives in n. y. state.
i love 4 o'clocks.
do you actually take the goats for a walk?

Leigh said...

Deborah, yes, I do take them for walks in the woods. Or maybe it's more like rounding them up every now and then. :) I'm familiar with Herrick Kimball but didn't know he had written about hoop growing. On one of this websites?

Kris said...

Yes you're right, August went by as quickly as July. To make sure, I checked my calendar and - yep - both still showed 31 days. Thought maybe the calendar people were cutting back because I sure don't think I got 31 days worth of time. LOL Great roundup pics. Hops? Is there home brew in your future plans? :-D

Ed said...

We had about the best watermelon season I can remember up here. I've eaten my fill and given dozens away from just two plants. It is the first watermelons we have raised in about a dozen years so the bar was set pretty low to start with.

Theresa Y said...

I am soooo ready for September. My garden was lousy due to the heat and humidity this year. Looking for some cooler weather just so I can breathe and get some chores done.

Woolly Bits said...

I am working on it - trying to get some more seeds into the tunnel etc... at the same time I have to start working on berries etc.! because we had such a dry and warm start to our summer (40 days without rain - unheard of in the west of ireland:) everything ripens at once now! at first it looked as if the roses won't flower at all - now all the hips are ripe at once! blackberries in abundance, apples everywhere etc... I know it's nice to get them all in - it's just that I could use a few more hands:) but at least we had a good summer here, and enough rain as well - elsewhere on the continent it's either all or nothing, floods or drought, so I'll better not complain!
I am looking forward to long wet winter days though, where I can settle down with spinning wheel or knitting and not having to go out to get more watering, picking or digging done:)

Leigh said...

Kris, sometimes I wonder about those calendar people, LOL. My main motive for planting the hops was to make yeast and as a medicinal. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at homebrew though. Maybe someday!

Ed, watermelon is just the thing to have a good season with! That's impressive that you've done so well with just two plants. Kind of like my first cucumber plant. We're not having a banner year for melons, which makes each one all the more special.

Theresa, I'm with you! Our cool snap has turned back into a heat wave, but this time without rain. Here's hoping September will be better.

Bettina, I'm glad to hear you are getting abundance in spite of your weather! Makes for a busy time, but that will make those cozy winter fiber sessions appreciated all the more. :)

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I am planting a few seeds in the cold frame hoping to extend the season. Nancyi

Leigh said...

Thanks Nancy! I'm guessing you will have good success with your cold frame planting. :)

Mama Pea said...

Ready for September if it brings cool, crisp, fall weather. Actually I have the garden in better shape for this time of year than ever before. It's only because this year I decided to start putting it to bed earlier than usual. Just got tired (and mad at myself) for letting things go as long as they possibly could and then ending up pulling dead plants out of half frozen ground! Also, our unusual heat and humidity this summer has taken much of the starch out of me and I'm so ready for true fall weather.

M.K. said...

I'm writing this on Sept. 1, and YES, I'm so ready for September, October, and any other month than August, which I do not like!!!

Leigh said...

Mama Pea, good for you for trying to be more timely in garden chores. I got a few seeds started in anticipation of cooler temps, but now we're stuck in a hot, humid no-rain spell, sigh. it does indeed take the starch out of you.

M.K. you sound like me! LOL

Unknown said...

Check out local big box stores for clearance hops too! Last year our Lowes / Home Depots had tons of plants on sale for pennies on the dollar.

Happy fall from Cleveland!