August 5, 2018

Goat Barn: Moving-In Day for the Girls

No, the goat barn isn't finished yet, but it's close.

First of several windows to be installed.

We still have the rest of the windows and trims to do, but everything was ready for the girls to move in. With a forecast for several inches of rain on the horizon, indoor projects were in demand. What better thing to do than to get the goats out of the Little Barn so Dan could start turning it into a workshop and storage area.

I waited for a lull in the rain and then dragged Jessie (under protest, of course) over to the new barn. The rest followed reluctantly.

Ellie, Violet, and Anna. Curious but cautious.

Since it was raining out (and goats hate rain) no one was willing to run back "home." There was nothing else to do but explore their new quarters.

The hay feeder is working out very well. Being two-sided there is plenty of room for everybody to eat at the same time.

Filling it is working out well too.

Hay loft after our "Unexpected Hay Harvest."

I just drop the hay down the chute.

Hay chute works great!

To guard the hay loft we have Meowy.

Hay loft guard.

The gate to the hay loft is recycled from my original goat shed. It is the top half of the Dutch door Dan made eight year's ago to separate the goat stall from the milking room.

Hay loft anti-goat gate.

So far it's kept the goats from trying to climb the stairs (not that they still don't try.)

Belle and Baby.

Feeding time was a bit of a fiasco at first with a lot of balking, pushing, and shoving.

Every goat has her own spot.

The concrete pad the milking room is on is quite a bit higher than the ground, so there is a big step up from the barn floor into the milking room. Dan accommodated the girls by giving them a board for their front feet to stand on.

They don't mind and I really like that now they can't scratch their back sides on it and deposit poop in the feeders.

After a couple of days they got used to their new surroundings and were less skittish.

Violet (front), Belle, and Daisy (back).

While Dan has been working on organizing his new workshop I've been working on organizing my new milking room. I'm still trying out different arrangements in the milking room.

I love the how bright it is from the skylight, and I really like the concrete floor in this working area.

Three and a half inches of rain later the skies have cleared, and it's back to outdoor projects as usual. Hopefully the remaining items on the to-do list will be checked off soon. Then it's on to other projects.


Goatldi said...

I am so darn happy for you ! Just needed to sneak a little comment in now. Off to feed will be back. Lucky duck you😊💐

Gorges Smythe said...

Congratulations, it looks really nice.

Mama Pea said...

Oh, those goats of yours are SOOOO lucky! What a fantastically, nice, inside, secure place for them to be. When they're not enjoying life outside, of course.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Looks so nice! The goats have a very elegant new home!! It all looks so organized. Nancy

Goatldi said...

Whew I am back. Leigh I can't tell you how amazing this barn is. So well thought out and professionally done. No "make do" here unless it is well disguised.

Is that cut out on the milk room gate a heart? A adorable if it is or isn't nice touch. I have found when I go into a barn especially one that houses goats I notice two things. First off is the flow and how well it suits the needs of the size of the herd. I always made a mental list of the things that would work for me also.

Secondly I notice the extra's. Such as the quilt block door , the goat profile on the barn door and the "heart" cut out on the milk room gate. Those are the things to me that show the heart for the occupants of the barn.

This amazing beauty shows love of goat. You and Dan don't just love your girls but what to show them off by accessorizing them with goat barn bling.What a treat. This barn also shows me that Dan thinks you are pretty special too. Bravo!

Leigh said...

Goatldi, thank you! You view with an experienced eye, so your observations and compliments are especially heartwarming to me. I'm very pleased with how it's turning out. Most of it was based on former goat barn ideas that weren't as bright as I thought they'd be. Trial and error! And I'll still probably end up saying to myself, 'I should have ...' :)

Gorges, thanks! Very relieved to have finally gotten to this point. We were been in the planning stages for so long that Dan often said it's just a pipe dream and will never happen. So glad it did!

Nancy, thank you! After living with a lot of inconvenience over the years, I think this is the most organized set-up I've ever had!

Ed said...

Yes, in my experience as well, animals really don't like changes, no matter how improved the new location is. But they do seem to get over it with time. As someone without a shop, other than a working garage, I am looking forward to seeing Dan's shop develop.

tpals said...

Wonderful! Nice to see all that hard work come to fulfill its purpose.

Susan said...

What a great space that is - with everything well-planned and working beautifully! Good planning, to move them during rain. Goats and dachshunds seem to hate it...

Leigh said...

Ed, happily they seem to be in the almost-gotten-over-it stage. :) Dan's got so much room now that he's still trying to figure out what to do with it all. I'm sure it will all fit together once he makes a start.

tpals, thanks! Honestly, we never thought this day would come. :)

Susan, I couldn't be more pleased with it. Actually, I didn't realize how relieved I'd be to move the girls until after it was done!

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Looks really good Leigh! Congratulations! And the hay loft/feeding apparatus is sheer genius!

Leigh said...

TB, thanks!

Quinn said...

Beautifully designed and built - congrats to all!
I love the look on Belle's face :)

Leigh said...

Thanks Quinn! Yes, I love that shot of Belle. Mom makes such a nice pillow. :)

Lori said...

I love this barn!!!

Leigh said...

Lori, me too! Very thankful for it. :)

Chris said...

That looks awesome. How simple a design, to position the feeder under the hay chute. Plenty of space it looks like, and what fun to decorate!!! But haven't you both earned this day. A long day coming.

Leigh said...

Thanks Chris. Yes, the hay feeder is a real treat. So much easier than my previous set up. We still have a few things to finish up, but it's very serviceable and comfortable for the goats.

Paula said...

It all looks totally awesome and it looks like the goat girls are digging it. What a fun project to organize the milking room. I bet you do it more than once, though!

Leigh said...

Paula, goats are funny. At first they only wanted to go back to their small, dark old home. It's familiar! Given the chance, though, I don't think they'd want to now. Their new digs are so much more comfortable. I hope organizing the milking room is fun! It'd definitely a nice change of pace from picking and preserving. :)