December 8, 2014

Porch Progress - Posts!

Dan was pretty happy to finally get the porch posts installed and the temporary "flying buttress" supports removed. Not that he worried something would happen, but real posts do seem more secure and solid. Next step will be replacing the drafty, ill-fitting front door with an energy efficient one. I'm looking forward to that, because it will surely make the house warmer!

Up next, a new front door.

Porch Progress - Posts! © December 2014


Michelle said...

This porch re-do makes your home look so much more inviting; I love it!

Unknown said...

This is looking ab fab. Its going to be beautiful when you add your splash of colour. You have come so so far. I love this style of home.

Sandy Livesay said...


Love this porch you two have made. I can see two rocking chairs sitting outside in the near future to enjoy some tea or coffee and a little relaxation :-)

Farmer Barb said...

I am looking forward to the shift over to your color scheme. It will be a progression, but you have made leaps and bounds already!


Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Looks Great.
It really changes the look and feel of your home doesn't it? I think the American love of porches should spread to the UK. Mind you they only really work on detached properties don't they? One would look pretty silly on my stone house unfortunately or I might try to start a trend over here!

Leigh said...

Michelle, thanks! I can't wait to get the rest of it done.

Lynda, very much looking forward to being able to paint!

Sandy, thanks! I think about porch furniture too. My dad was always a porch swing guy, so I try to picture one of those there too.

Barb, me too! I love color. Have to get door, windows, and siding up first and who knows how long that will take, but then we can paint. That will give it a truly finished look.

Gill, I've seen a number of stone farmhouses with porches! You should google images to see. You never know. :)

Quinn said...

Looking good, Dan and Leigh! And the door will probably make a very noticeable difference in air temps and drafts.

Mama Pea said...

I'm sure Dan's "temporary" supports were totally adequate, but I can understand why he had dreams of the porch roof collapsing . . . and that was a remodeling job he didn't want added to the list! Living in your climate has its advantages . . . you can do outside jobs almost all year long. Forge on!!

Woolly Bits said...

I'd be relieved to have the temps removed myself! I live on an island with strong winds/gales - and I appreciate a stable roof:) never mind how it looked, a creaking roof in a storm always gives me the shivers:)

Karen@ said...

Very cool posts. We have a lot of "fixes" to make to our farm as well. I am thankful for a very handy husband.

Su Ba said...

Looks like a very inviting porch. What's the view from the porch? Facing a garden, your livestock pastures?

Mike Yukon said...

Glad the posts re-install went well and is done. Even I was concerned about the temporary supports!

Ed said...

Porches do look so much better with posts instead of bracing!

Mark said...

Looks great! There will be room for lots of comfy porch furniture and things like that when its all done. Hopefully be have a few moments to sit and enjoy!

Chris said...

Wow, that looks awesome! I imagine there is still a step to build, and the carpentry will be complete. Are you going to brick the step or build it from wood?

My eyes may be bad, but I cannot make out a front step.

Lovely work though. Top marks Dan! Hope the door fits perfectly.

Leigh said...

Wow, my own blog is asking me to prove I'm not a robot. I thought I had word verification turned off. Hmmmm.

Quinn, the best part will be not having to hang a quilt in over the front door to keep those drafts out!

Mama Pea, yes, we are fortunate to be able to work outside most of the year. Somehow, though, we always manage to replace doors and windows during winter!

Bettina, we had a pretty bad wind storm not to long ago and that was the motivator to get those posts in!

Karen, fixes seem to be a way of life on a farm, don't they? Have to agree about being thankful for handy husbands. :)

Su Ba, the view from the porch is the neighbors across the street. What's bad, however, is the southwestern exposure. Summer evenings would be the most likely time to enjoy it, but with no shade trees, the afternoon sun makes it blazingly hot on the porch!

Mike, alls well that ends well. :)

Ed, thanks! I'm sure the neighbors are relieved. LOL

Mark, at the moment it's hard to imagine getting the rest of it done. But we do already have the door, so that's next!

Chris, thanks! There is a step there, the original one of concrete. But you're right, it's nearly invisible in that photo. I'll take a better one when we do the door.

DFW said...


It looks great! I'm with Sandy, I can just imagine a couple of rocking chairs. Tell Dan ... Great Job!

1st Man said...

That is just beautiful. I love a 'new porch'. Our railing was new and it's just so enjoyable. Now it's aged and I'm getting the itch to redo it, ha.

Nice job, it's going to look so nice. And by the way, your house has such a nice curb appeal.

Ngo Family Farm said...

Ooh, ooh, mine next please!! ;-) Looks fabulous over there.

Leigh said...

DFW, thanks!

1st Man, we really do like the house and are glad to finally be getting to the front. Even small changes are an improvement. Porches are really a nice feature on a house, aren't they?

Jamie, thanks! Door next!