December 17, 2014

Katy Versus The Mitten

After defeating the mitten, she's now ready to chase her tail.


  1. Well, that mitten won't be bothering anyone anytime soon...adorable kitten!

  2. Hey, Katy! The mitten is hiding behind the messed-up rug!

  3. Well! Good to know you'll be protected if a gang of marauding mittens comes through town.

  4. At least she didn't take-on the couch, lol.

    I imagine the winter period spent inside more, has her chaffing at the bit. Thank goodness for mittens! ;)

  5. That is really cute of Katy. Glad she won out! Is the mitten still usable??? Nancy

  6. Leigh,

    I say Katy told the mitten who was boss!!!

  7. tpals, actually she's a very sore loser. :)

    Susan, she got it good@

    Benita, LOL. I'm surprised she was into it for as long as she was (she gets distracted easily)

    Laylay, I feel very safe indeed!

    the Goodwife, that she is!

    Chris, oh my. We used to have a cat who was a couch wrestler. Table legs too. He was something.

    Nancy, the mitten is no worse for the wear!

    Sandy, didn't she though! :)

  8. And she defeated the evil rug, too! (Handwoven? It's lovely!)

  9. I was crocheting at a friend's house and her kitten had to attack my yarn ball with everything he had... mouth, front and back paws. It was very funny.

  10. What beautiful coloring she has! I'm so glad she gave you a fun photo opportunity so we can all see her.

  11. I wonder what she would do with a full grown sheep...

  12. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side!

    Our precious cat hasn't shown up in two weeks. We are sad.

  13. PP, Katy's good at that. :)

    Debbie, but not handwoven by me. :)

    Renee, did your yarn ball survive in one piece?

    Michelle, she is a looker. It was a fun photo time. :)

    Barb, well, she has goats and pigs but she isn't all that brave with something that big, LOL

    Karen, she has two moods: feisty and sweet. When she's feisty, look out!

  14. Go Katy!!! Thanks for these great pics! :)


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