December 19, 2014

Announcing Book 3 of The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos

I am excited to announce the third book in my new eBook series, The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos. The newest addition is entitled,

How To Make An Herbal Salve: 
an introduction to salves, creams, ointments, & more.

When I launched the series, I asked for suggestions. One request was for information on healing herbs and how to use them. This is my first eBook on that topic.

The official blurb:

"Herbal salves are easy and fun to make. This little eBook discusses herbs, oils, beeswax, essential oils, why some herbal preparations don't work, and how to make an effective salve. Included are simple, basic recipes for slave, lotion, lip balm and non-petroleum jelly."

Like the others, the list price is $1.99 (USD) but, now through Sunday, you can get it for free at Smashwords! Sign up, choose your format, and use this code JF87V (expired). If you prefer, you can have it auto-delivered to your Kindle from Amazon USfor $1.99 (where they won't let me offer it for free because I didn't sign up for Kindle Select).

You can see all the books in the series (all three so far ;) here, along with a list of where they're available. I'm working on a fourth and hope to have that out soon.


tpals said...

I like to buy these not only to thank you for the time and effort of production but also for the warm fuzzy feeling of helping with your dream. :)

Frank and Fern said...

Thanks for another source of good information, Leigh! This is something I have been looking into for a while.


Sandy Livesay said...


I love this series of books, each make for great reference. and should be added to everyone's library.

badgerpendous said...

Fantastic news, congratulations!

You picked a great shot for the cover, btw.

Leigh said...

tpals, thank you so much! It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling for you to be so kind. Every little bit goes toward building our dream. :)

Fern, I hope it is helpful!

Sandy, thank you so much! Feedback is always welcome. :) I hope to add a few more to the series soon.

Badgerpendous, thank you! (I really enjoy the design part for the covers. :)

Mama Pea said...

You are such a creative lady! I admire the fact that not only are you out there mucking out the animal shelters but manage to find the time inside using your fertile brain to turn out so much helpful and interesting writing. All the time! I'm not going to be surprised when you get your handwork area up and going and we start seeing the amazing creations you turn out there. :o)

Dani said...

That is brilliant Leigh - thank you very much. Love the pic of the goat at the start :)

Wonderful info in the e-book - so much so that I think I may just have to give it a go...

Bless you.

And a very peaceful, contented and happy Christmas to you and Dan. May the reason for the season be with you both.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Yeah for you Leigh! We are big believers in the herbal salves, I sell them in our little farm store. Once folks use them they are sold, literally and figuratively. Keep working towards your dream, I know we are. One day perhaps we'll meet in homestead heaven?

Unknown said...


Congratulations on the new release. I look forward to reading it. I've worked in the medical field for many years now and have been very interested in herbal remedies. I look forward to reading it.


Sarah said...

Just grabbed it on Amazon...can't wait to get little bit in bed so I can read it!

Leigh said...

Mama Pea, even though I'm not doing handwork at present, I'm thankful for writing as a creative outlet. And I'm thankful so many are enjoying and benefiting too. :)

Dani, thank you! That goat is Jasmine, the one which got me started with salves. :)

Donna, thanks! How great to have a farm store to sell it. I'm guessing you make your own, since you're such a good soapmaker. And I'm looking forward to that homestead heaven!

Matt, thank you! I used to be an RN (many, many moons ago) but confess that herbs were always a first love for healing.

Sarah, I hope you like it!

Tuesday said...

I love, love, love healing salves! I've made one with comfrey that I hope to sell in 2015.

Merry Christmas Leigh! Thank you for your encouragement and support this past year. Happy 2015! May it be filled with happiness for you and yours.

Valerie said...

Thank you so much. I've downloaded the book and am waiting for a quiet evening to sit down and go through it.
I have very sensitive skin and fingers that crack in the winter. So am hoping to find some remedy in the reading.