November 17, 2013

Bedroom Closets Phase 2

Last time, I showed you phase 1, which was the making of a storage compartment in our new bedroom closets. This time, I'll show you the rest.

We did a lot of discussing, measuring, and calculating in designing our closets.

We wanted lots of shelving. Before we decided to build them, we researched and priced every kind of system out there. Even the "cheap" pressboard types were outrageously expensive. Dan ended up buying plywood for these, plus used odds and ends he had.

My side is on the left. A clothing rod and another shelf over the top of that will complete it. 

Dan didn't need a lot of hanging space and will put upper and lower rods on his side.

There's a story behind that paint. Usually, I'm extremely fussy about color matching, but since this was going to be hidden behind closet doors, I remembered that I had some white trim paint somewhere. I thought I might use that so I didn't have to buy another gallon of paint.

I found not only the white, but also an almost full gallon that I didn't remember buying. It was a gallon of ColorPlace interior semi-gloss. ColorPlace is the old Walmart brand. I couldn't even remember the last time I bought paint at Walmart, at least three residences ago. Had we really toted this all over the country? It had been a custom color, but I wasn't even sure what color it was. The color spot on the top of the can had long since gotten dusty and dirty.

Of course I was curious so I opened the can. I was surprised that it hadn't dried out and that there was no film on the top. The colors had long since separated, but the paint still looked good. I started to stir. It appeared to be a pea green color that I know I never would have gotten. I kept stirring and eventually it became a very nice off-white. It was then I remembered when I'd purchased it; about 8 years ago for a bathroom when we lived in Florida. I couldn't believe we'd carried it around all these years. It covered very well!

Lastly, here's a sneak peek at one of the closet doors.

Dan is woodburning a scene which will span all four bypass doors. I love it.

Our countdown check list has been slowly whittled down to three more steps:
  1. ceiling
  2. floor
  3. draperies
Is it possible we might be moved in by Christmas?????

Bedroom Closets Phase 2 © November 2013 


Lynda said...

You're so lucky...Your husband is building you a closet! The wood burning scene is beautiful! I've never seen anything like I said: you're one lucky lady.

Sandy Livesay said...


This closet is so gorgeous, and all hand made. I love everything about it, especially your husbands pyrography. I started burning wood a while back, ended up burning myself, and stopped not to long after I started, lol

Ngo Family Farm said...

Goodness, Dan's art is just so beautiful!! Can't wait to see it all finished - what a peaceful scene to wake up to everyday :)

Dani said...


And there's nothing like "enough" wardrobe space... ;)

Leigh said...

Lynda, and I'm thankful for it every day. Of course, if he wasn't handy with construction and didn't have an interest in such things, we wouldn't have bought the house in the first place. :)

Sandy, thanks! I'm guessing every pyrographer has a scar or two, LOL

Jaime, thank you! I just wish the photo was better, but I couldn't get the lighting right. When I do the final "tour" of the room, I'll take good photos for his pyrography blog.

Dani, I couldn't agree more. Our old closets were so frustrating and really helped us decide what to do with these. I'm planning to use at least a shelf or two for bedsheets and pillow cases.

Farmer Barb said...

The first morning you wake up back inside and you just lie there and realize --"We're DONE" will be so sweet! Merry Christmas INDEED!

Renee Nefe said...

we've always found that building it ourselves turns out much better and cheaper than trying some store bought project. I see your shelves are cat approved! always a bonus.

I love the new closets. :D Happy moving in soon!

Ed said...

When we moved into this place and had two closets in our bedroom that needed to be redone, we decided on putting in lots of shelving and even a few drawers in it instead of strictly hanging space. I have not regretted that for one millisecond. It is so nice and it allowed us to get rid of a dresser which freed up real estate for other things. The one dresser we still have belongs to the wife. All my stuff is either on a shelf or hanging.

The price for those systems is pretty steep and I probably could have built it more cheaply but at the end of the day, we needed it done fast and I had bigger fish to fry so we ended up purchasing ours. But I have no doubt that yours is of much superior quality.

Love that wood burning scene. I bought one a few months ago for a project and have thought I would like to do something similar when I get time.

Mama Pea said...

Knowing how hard you and Dan work, yes, you will be in by Christmas!

Your closet design reminds me of ours in our bedroom. We have sets of bifold doors covering three separate sections: Hubby's hanging closet on the left, shelves in the middle and my hanging closet on the right. This is across one end of the bedroom. We didn't have room for a chest of drawers or two so that's why we decided to go with the shelving area in the middle. We use plastic boxes without the lids for our "drawers" on the shelves and it's worked out very well.

Eager to see the finished doors with Dan's artistry on them. Don't you just love the "personalizing" you can do to make a home uniquely yours?

Woolly Bits said...

I am going pea green with envy:) and the way you work, I am pretty sure you've moved in by christmas! the door decoration is absolutely stunning, so unique and special! I am amazed that Dan finds the time for this beside all the building jobs (and working!) as well!

DebbieB said...

What a terrific project! This is going to be the best custom closet ever. I love your helper on the shelf - in our house, we'd have 5 of those. :) And of course, Dan's special touch on the closet doors makes it PERFECT.

Leigh said...

Barb, that will be fantastic! The biggest plus will be that this room will be so much warmer than our current bedroom. :)

Renee, thanks! With DIYs you just have to have the time! Usually we have more time than money, so building it ourselves wins out.

Ed, thank you for that! This room is smaller than our current bedroom, so we've been hoping we could live without the dressers if we put in enough shelves. Instead of drawers, I may try baskets.

Mama Pea, that's exactly why we've done it the way we have. Your idea of using those plastic totes without lids is brilliant. Cheaper than real baskets!

Bettina, I'm thrilled with the doors. Dan just works on it here and there, in the evenings, for example, while I'm answering comments and returning blog visits. :)

Debbie, yes, love that help. :)

Lisa said...

That would be a wonderful Christmas present! Your closet doors are going to be beautiful. Is that a specific location he's burning?

Leslie Kimel said...

Wow, that wood-burning is beautiful. What a special touch!

Leigh said...

Lisa, thank you! It's no specific scene or place, he's just taking bits and pieces from Eric Sloane and Thomas Kincaid.

Leslie, thanks! He really does it well. :)

Quinn said...

The artwork is phenomenal!!! Looking forward to seeing the overall effect when the project is completed. Wow!

Anonymous said...

I love the closets! Might have to borrow some ideas from this for my own place. You both are so creative!