November 2, 2013

Bedroom Remodel: Starting On The Closets

Progress continues to be made on our bedroom remodel. Our first frosty nights reminded us of how cold our present bedroom is during winter, and we're hoping to be finished with the new one before frigid weather sets in. Most recently, we've been working on the bedroom closets.

What you see above was originally two closets, one for each of our two adjacent bedrooms. You can see how we opened all that up in this post, "Rain + Rain + Rain = A Start on the Bedroom." The plan is to turn the space into his and hers closets.

Our ceilings are tall, 8'9", and all the upper space was wasted in the original closets. Since our closets don't need to be that tall, we thought we could divide the space and use the upper part for storage.

Before - open to the original ceiling.

With a full length shelf added for a new closet "ceiling"

Dan created the upper storage shelf from the old cabinet shelves and doors torn out during our kitchen remodel.

New storage space, freshly painted.

Another view.

And did you notice our new ceiling beams? Finishing the ceiling is next on the list. More on that soon.

The last step was to add doors. We discussed hinged versus bypass but had trouble finding the right size tracks for bypass. We finally found them as a kit at Complete Cabinet Hardware in the size we needed. They were reasonably priced too.

With sliding door tracks installed

Dan made the doors out of leftover plywood from our Victorian look paneled window wall.

Storage compartment done and progress made on painting the walls.
 Shelving, clothing rods, and bypass doors will compete the closets. 

We lost the linen closet when we made Dan's study, so this will give me a place to store things like extra blankets and bed linens or off season clothing. Even though I'll need a ladder to get to it, I think it's a better use of the space than leaving it open. At first, I thought I'd love to have a library ladder. Pricing them burst that bubble.

So, we have the closets and ceiling to finish, then the floor. It's exciting to think we're almost done.

Click here for Bedroom Closets Phase 2


Stephanie Bateman said...

What a brilliant use of not only the "dead space" above, but reusing the wood from other projects! I am really liking how it is coming out.

Nina said...

Your room is starting to shape up nicely! I'll have to admit, I'd love to have more closet space but there is only one original closet in our home, a tiny alcove under the stairs, which is luckily in my bedroom. As for upper storage, any that I have is sorely underused. I only stash things I'll rarely use up high, as it's so far out of my reach and eye level, that I always forget it's there.

Renee Nefe said...

Love the new shelves there. Great idea.

Fortunately, closet space is NOT something that we are lacking here. What we are lacking is the ability to get rid of all the stuff we have in there that we no longer us. :P

Farmer Barb said...

I love it when you can make every inch count. I lived small and know that careful use of space can become an addiction!

Theresa said...

Very nice Leigh and Dan! Extra shelf storage anywhere is a big bonus. Leigh, keep your eyes out for a pretty wood ladder, maybe even a small orchard ladder. Paint it (or leave it in its original chippy paint if there is some), and use it near the closet for display of some of the more used or pretty items and it will also always be handy for reaching storage

Ed said...

I think it is impossible to have too much storage space. When I remodeled our closets, I faced the same problem. I ended up just making shelves inside the closet which work nice but because I have to get things up in-between the shelf front and the door headers, I can't put real large objects up there. Your method allows one to put large objects up there with ease. I like it.

Library ladders are pretty simple to make. All you really need to buy is the tracks and hardware.

Leigh said...

Stephanie, thanks! Dan would call it. "Stretching George till he squeals." :)

Nina, thank you! We wouldn't have done this if the corner bedroom didn't already have 2 closets. The teeny doors made them inefficient to access, and of course there was all that vacant space overhead. I'm so glad we're doing what will meet our own needs, rather than worrying about convention.

Renee, LOL. That's the trouble. We always fill the space we have to overflowing!

Barb, now if only I could keep it all orderly and neat! That's a lot of my problem. Once I create niches for everything, I don't always keep it that way!

Theresa, great idea! I'll have to do that.

Ed, that was similar to the problem we had with the original closets. They were narrow (about 24") and the doors weren't quite 6 feet tall. Having those taller ceilings helped us come up with the idea for the storage area.

I did find library ladder hardware online, but it was still $400-$600. We have too many other ideas for that money, LOL.

Woolly Bits said...

the downside of low cottage ceilings - no storage space "above"! I lack proper closets, we have to make do, but I know what would happen if we had more space: we'd fill it with more stuff in no time:) so maybe it's for the best? I am looking forward to have more space for my textile materials though - maybe next year?
enjoy your new closets - and hopefully a warmer bedroom soon:)

DebbieB said...

I love the repurposing of all the old wood pieces. Brilliant! So wonderful to be able to do all this yourselves. My dear husband has many gifts and skills, but isn't much of a carpenter, alas.

Lynda said...

I'm catching up on your posts...Looks like you and Dan have been SUPER busy!

badgerpendous said...

Simply wonderful!

Seeing those kind of great solutions really helps jumpstart my brain -- I find myself looking at all the nooks and crannies in our garage a bit differently now!

Mama Pea said...

I once read that one doesn't need a lot of living space if one has adequate storage space. Taking advantage of ANY area to use as storage is a good idea, I think.

I love it that hubby and I (and I'm guessing you and Dan, too) aren't building/remodeling with the thought of "will this be detracting to a potential buyer?" We are making our house to work FOR US . . . and I love it all!

Leigh said...

Bettina, we each have our challenges! It's true, though, the more space we have, the more stuff we fill it with. :)

Debbie, and necessary! It's discouraging how much building supplies cost these days, not to mention the poor quality.

Lynda, good to hear from you! Yes, busy, although I think Dan is about ready to start on an outdoor project for awhile. :)

Badgerpendous, thanks! It's fun to look for those little spaces for storage.

Mama Pea, yes, that's exactly it! We remodel for our needs. On occasion (like the closet) I wonder if someone following will think we did it all "wrong" (for example, I want more shelf space than hanging space.) But why make a home for somebody else? :)

Cassandra said...

I love seeing photos of your progress! Now that the garden is winding down I am looking forward to getting back to remodeling too.

Willow said...

Your doing a great job, it must be so exciting to see it all coming together and nearing the finish line !