November 24, 2011

To Mom, A Message From Your Cat

"Yes, I know you're remodeling the kitchen.
Yes, I know you're stripping and scarping and painting.
Yes, I know you don't want paint chips to fall into my catfood."

"However. This is where the catfood belongs, 
and this is where it must stay. Catfood simply
isn't edible in any other part of the house."


  1. Beautiful kitty! Happy Thanksgiving from my kitties to yours.

  2. LOL! How dare you cause such dress by moving that dish! Poor, poor kitty, lol Happy all is restored in his world again :)

    Hope you & yours have a great Thanksgiving :)

  3. It just wouldn't taste the same if it was anywhere else!

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  4. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, maybe kitty will forgive you if there is a slice of turkey in the bowl for dinner.

  5. Yup. Cats. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to your kitty and family!

  6. hm, cats are rather particular sometimes:)) I think my dog would eat her food anywhere, on the dresser, if need be (and she could reach it!). would cat be so funny, if you put something nice out somewhere, that wasn't for her, but she wanted it anyway?????

  7. That 'bout says it all when dealing with animals. Thanks for the grin this morning!

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  9. hehehe.. most cats I've known do like their routines! Our kitty is very predictable as to what he'll do at what time of day, and that includes where his food is, where he'll take his naps and how he asks me to fulfill his needs at particular times of the day.

  10. Lilly could care less where her food is as long as it gets into her belly soon enough. LOL!

    Would he eat the food if you put it into some sort of kitty house to protect it from debris?

  11. Leigh, I really enjoy your blog. I feel like you are a kindred spirit to me.

  12. I linked to your site today while posting three kitchen things I love.
    Thanks for sharing your progress.

  13. Handsome boy, but they can be picky! One of mine is, but the other doesn't care, as long as he gets fed. And if I let the feeder go empty for a moment he is perfectly willing to jump up on a kitchen counter and help himself.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Una preciosa entrada del blog, es un gato hermosos y MUY inteligente
    Un abrazo

  15. Jen, thanks! Happy Thankgiving to you too.

    Crystal, I showed him where I moved his dish to, but he would have none of it! He went back and sat down where it belonged, LOL

    Sherri, Happy Thankgiving to you too!

    TL, oh yes, a little turkey and all was forgiven. :)

    Serenity, never a dull moment with a chat. :)

    Carolyn, they're like that, aren't they. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    Bettina, dogs seem to be very opposite of cats!

    Mama Pea, you're welcome. ;)

    Crustyrusty, exactly!

    Nina, isn't that the truth about cats!

    Renee, dogs are so much more relaxed than cats! Not sure what Riley would do if I put his food in a house. It would be fun to find out. LOL

    Dawn, thank you! If you like homesteading, cats, critters, and houses in a state of change, then likely we are kindred spirits. :)

    Natalie, thanks! I'm on my way to come visit.

    Sue, he's also picky about the size of his kibble; he won't eat crumbs!

    Rosamargarita, gracias!

  16. Aren't cats funny. Ours will only drink water from the trickling bathroom tap.

  17. You know, you'd think Riley would be used to upheaval by now. I guess as long as his food bowl was where he wanted it, he was okay with it.

    "You mez w'my fud bowl, I scratch yur paw!" :)

  18. Glad you got the memo. Just keep a little bit of the routine for the cat's sake.

  19. Thats a pretty large cat, and yes this little guy should have his/her own space. Richard

  20. Lynn, never a dull moment!

    Jody, we used to have a cat like that! One day we bought him a table top bubbling fountain, thinking it would save us from having to run into the bathroom everytime he meowed for a drink. He wouldn't touch the thing! Darn cat, LOL

    Christine, LOLOL

    Benita, you'd think so! I think the food bowl in that one spot is his security blanket with all the mess. :)

    Denise, LOL, and he rewards me with tail hugs and purrs. :)

    Richard, he is a big cat! He barely fits on my lap!

    Dr. Momi, ain't that the truth.

  21. How did I miss this post last year? Too funny!


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