November 28, 2011

Kitchen Remodel: Moving the Pantry Door

High at the top of our kitchen remodel project list, is to install the wood cookstove. After finishing the ceiling beams, Dan was ready to start on this, but I hadn't finished stripping, sanding, and painting (which turned out to be not such a brilliant idea after all) the wall behind where the stove will go. No sweat. While I worked on that, he tackled another project on the list, relocating the pantry door.

This is the second door we've moved for our new kitchen, the first being the back door. This second door was to the three rooms added on to the house after it was built; the part of the house I call "the addition."

The original door, probably installed when
the addition was added on to the house.

The above photo was taken before we moved in. I like French doors, but this one was somewhat in the way since it opened into the kitchen. Of course, if it had opened the other way, it would have blocked one of the other doors behind it. We always kept it open, because of the bathroom. During the winter, I would hang a quilt in the hall.....

Quilt (not handmade) hung over pantry entrance.

..... beyond the bathroom door, because the pantry does not need to be heated. This helped somewhat, to keep warmth in the kitchen and bathroom, and for this reason I wanted a permanent pantry door. Since I liked the French door and we already had it, I thought the best thing to do was to move it.

It was easy enough to take the door off the hinges and pull the whole frame out once the moulding was removed.

Original moulding, door, & framing removed

We chose a spot in the hall, beyond the bathroom and utility room doors. Dan found a stud in the wall and framed out the new location. I wanted the door to open toward the pantry, so he turned it around and put the hinges on the right hand side.

The door's new framing

You can't tell from the above photo, but the door knob fits exactly between the hall corner and the freezer, giving me good wide passage into the pantry. (The door is almost 34 inches wide.)

Old door, new location. I like it.

Here it is, just finished. The bathroom is on the left, the utility room is on the right. One special touch Dan added is the shelf above the door. I have a lot of nice knick-knacks, and this will be an excellent spot for some of them.

Lastly, I painted this short hallway the same color as I am the kitchen.

Still needs trimwork & touch-ups

It's a soft off-white that coordinates with my wallpaper. When we install the kitchen floor, it will extend into this little area as well, to give a look of continuity. The ugly paneling and vinyl flooring in the pantry will probably stay as is.

The door is already doing its job to help keep the kitchen and bathroom warmer. Since it has hardware for cafe rods, I can also increase insulation value by hanging something quilted over the glass panes. Or something lacy to let some light in. Either way it'll help hide my mess in the pantry!

Another project checked off the list. :)


Callie Brady said...

I love your pane door and I would love to have one for my computer/sewing room. Mainly, I want the light... the sold doors make our rooms so dark.

Lynda said...

Can't wait for you to install the wood cook stove! I bought two! One for the cabin and one for an outdoor canning kitchen here at the ranch. I'm still cleaning them up and getting them of many Winter projects.

Michelle said...

This looks like one of the most cooperative parts of your remodel so far! Well done!

Leigh said...

Callie, that's exactly why I love these kinds of doors too, they let in light!

Lynda, congratulations on your wood cookstoves! I'm on my way over to your blog, to see if you've posted pictures yet!

Michelle, I believe you're right, LOL.

pelenaka said...

I have that door actually two of those doors. Both are painted white with stainless steel hardware which fits in real well with the decor - late 1940's early 1950's gray & white accent color is what else fifties pink.
The original doors are in the attic waiting on refinishing then to be used as pocket doors in another remodel. A good door is a terrible thing to waste.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you and hubby are making fabulous progress!

Theresa said...

Looks great. I love french doors too, although mine have way too many dog nose and paw prints right now to look good.
Won't it be exciting when you get your beautiful wood cook stove in!!!!

Cat Eye Cottage said...

You are knocking out projects left and right! Good for you.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Seems that your moving along with those projects :o) That's a nice door has a warm and welcoming look to it.

Leigh said...

Pelenaka, I think I could do without the pink! So far, the only doors we've had to replace were the porch back door which was a disaster, and the kitchen back door, an odd small door that didn't fit the casing. That one, Dan's probably going to use to make a headboard!

Stephanie, when we're on a roll, we're on a roll. What helps is DH's work schedule. He's an over the road truck driver with a dedicated load. That means he's out 3 or 4 days, and then home 3 or 4 days. We get a lot done when he's home.

Theresa, LOL, that is a problem with French doors. Another reason I'll probably hang something over it. :)

Candace, it's a relief to finally be making headway on the kitchen!

Ginny, thanks!

Benita said...

Goodness that must feel good getting that off your list! And I can totally see a quilted "curtain" on that door.

pelenaka said...

ah but the items that make up the accent color are aprons, vintage cake carrier, slat & pepper shakers, lol ... congrats on getting your dream kitchen !

Renee Nefe said...

I'm in love with your new old door! Dan did an awesome job in getting it moved into it's new location and I love love love the shelf. He's such a smart and handy guy!

Our house in WY had french doors that led to the back porch. This was north facing and so bitterly cold in the winter. (I don't know what the builder was thinking when they put that in!) So I made quilted panels to hang over the door in winter. It made such a huge difference in keeping the cold out. In the summer I would switch the panels out with pretty lace panels. I'm still not sure why, but I took my quilts with me when we moved. Now I'm thinking of recycling them for costumes.

Judy said...

Renee and I are thinking alike! I would use lace in the summer and quilted panel for the wintertime. Maybe some kind of winter scene or, come to think of it maybe a spring type one to raise the spirits would be more in order.

Leigh said...

Benita, it's wonderful! I'm already mulling over in my mind what kind of quilted door cover to make, LOL

Pelenaka, very true! Love those accents. Yes, I hope it's my dream kitchen. I just have to keep my dream within budget. :)

Renee, the shelf was a surprise and I love it too! Odd a builder would put French doors on a northern exposure. Seems like they often overlook the obvious all too often these days. I love the idea of lace in summer, quilt in winter.

Judy, me too! Maybe I need several quilts. :)

Mama Pea said...

You and your hubby do SUCH a fantastic job of using (repurposing?) materials you have. And it always comes out looking so good!

I love the look of French doors and wanted a double one going from kitchen to living room but quickly found we would have to give up too much needed wall space in each room for that so settled for a single one which looks much like the one now going into your pantry.

Am really eager to see your wood cooking range!

trump said...

I like French doors myself, and I'm not a big fan of sliding glass doors which i have 2 of. So I'm always thinking that someone will just just through the big glass window,lol. Richard

Tombstone Livestock said...

new door location looks great, isn't it nice to get things crossed off the to do list.

Leigh said...

Mama Pea, thanks! I understand your decision about the double French doors. We actually have two doubles in our living room, one set to the dining room, one set to my studio. Plus a single French door leading to the hall. Add the bedroom door, double front window, front door, and fireplace turned woodstove alcove, and there is no wall space in that room, and very few furniture arrangements that will work!

Richard, we used to have birds fly into our big sliders. I finally had to hang things on them!

TL, it's wonderful. We're appreciating how much warmer we can keep the kitchen too. :)

chris said...

love how it's coming along leigh, and love that door. we once had an old house with paneling like your pantry. we painted the paneling white. first wash with TSP. looked so much better afterward.

Tom Stewart said...

Must be nice to have a guy who has the know how on how to do all that is required!? I mean he has done all the Constrution (With your help!?), Electrical and all the other things to made the house into what you see in your minds eye. The door looks great!
Wish I had the "know how" too!

Leigh said...

Chris, that's exactly what I did in the hallway! The pantry, I don't care about so much because it's functional.

Tom, it's great. Dan really knows his stuff and if he doesn't, he researches it. I'm not very good when it comes to hammers, nails, and building, so I'm the standby helper. :)

Jody said...

Looks great!

Project Girl said...

You inspire me...!

Leigh said...

Jody, thanks!

Project Girl, aw shucks.