January 8, 2010

Just A Dusting

Pretty pitiful compared to the snow pictures many of you have been sharing. But it's all we've had so far, in spite of several forecasts for it!

Just A Dusting photos & text copyright January 2010
by Leigh at http://www.5acresandadream.com/


  1. They're talking a dusting for us in West Palm Beach which is only 1 hour away from me. BRRRRR!

  2. Oooh, I'm glad of my snow. It's *supposed* to snow in winter, dammit! Compared to most of the UK, we've been very lucky over the last week; less than an inch, and we *can* get out if we need to. Meanwhile, things are getting the winter they're used to - and the houndies love playing in it!

  3. As long as we don't lose power, I'll take mine. I think snow is pretty, and the cold weather makes a great excuse for snuggling!

  4. We got two and a half feet in two days mid-December. I had to dig my dog a trench around the driveway 'cuz when he tried to jump into it he dissapeared. I love it! 5 years in the south and I am so happy to be back in the land of the snow. I'd share some with you if I could. Everyone should get to make snowmen.

  5. Either way I'd be fine since we have so far had a fairly mild winter, with only a few inches of snow. Last night we got a few inches more, leaving our roads snow packed, icy and slippery. The snowplow has been by a couple of times now and the roads are again clear. A few years ago we had a snowstorm which lasted a couple of days. We had well over 3 feet of snow to dig out the driveway and the snow piles at the side of the road were taller than I - definitely an odd experience to walk the dog in. So a dusting or a few inches is fine, although in the springtime, there will be complaints about possible drought conditions due to lack of snow. You can't win 'em all I guess

  6. I'm livin' in the Tundra here on the Ozarks Ponderosa. It was -7 this morning and for some reason that silly weatherman thought he had to tell us the wind chill was -20. Then he had the nerve to tell me the temp was going to drop around three this afternoon. 'Stinkin weatherman.

    Ya'll stay warm and cozy. God bless ya'll!!!

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  8. I'd much rather live in the tropics anyday. Sun and beaches, now that's my kind of life. Short sleeves, sandals, sundresses, warm breezes... Ahhh, I can just feel it... Not cold and snow, winter coats and gloves, freezing winds...

  9. We still have a good foot here!

  10. I would like at least a dusting. Normally, because of our altitude, we should have had a little snow fall by now. Still nothing. I can even go out without a coat on. This winter has been unusually warm and dry. I am hoping for some snow or rain soon.

  11. Deep End, I heard it was really cold in Florida! I know you all aren't used to it so I hope you are warm!

    Alison, I have to admit I like some snow too. Funny how no snow is considered "lucky" but everyone wants at least a little anyway.

    Benita, I hear you on the power. That's always our concern too, though usually its from ice storms rather than snow in our part of the country.

    Lyneye, I have to admit that as a transplanted northerner, I miss it too. I also miss the change of seasons, but oh well.

    Nina, good point about the moisture snow brings. Too much can be a nuisance though, especially when they run out of places to put it!

    Oh Nezzy, that kind of weather is cruel! Good for staying indoors. I hope you're staying warm!

    Lynn, may you have a mild winter! Or maybe just a long winter vacation. :)

    Julie, that's pretty much. Hopefully that batch will melt before you get more!

    Leslie, so that's where all the mild weather is, you have it! Ours was late, so you may get your snow yet.

  12. So many of my plans are on hold due to not being able to travel easily. Tonight I have learnt snow drifts have led to several main roads between local towns being impassable. We are lucky to have shops in walking distance. No liklihood of doing any work in our garden for somewhile yet! I feel a little envious that you can be gardening, however, I could sit down with my seed list and make plans.

    The up-side is that we have been living in the most amazingly beautiful snowy landscape for nearly 3 weeks. Breathtakingly lovely everywhere you look. Good for the soul.


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