January 29, 2010

Fall Garden Veggies

A few veggies from my fall garden.I haven't mentioned recently about harvesting from my fall garden. Actually I haven't harvested much, but I'm pleased with what I do get. The broccoli produced fairly well and I only wish I'd planted more. I've left it standing in hopes that it will survive the winter and go to seed, for saving.

The turnips have done great and we're really enjoying them. The carrots you see in the basket above, are the first I've gotten. Not many carrot seeds sprouted, so there aren't many for the digging. I checked on the onions and garlic yesterday, but they haven't produced much in term of bulbs.

The spinach, lettuce, and cabbage all appear quite stunted, though they're managing to hang in there. Maybe they'll make it through the winter and show a growth spurt in the spring, who knows?

I've never been very successful with a fall garden, and even though I know I could have done better with it, I'm encouraged with what we've got. Next year will only be better.

On another note, that winter storm system that has already affected many of you is forecasted to arrive here later today. If we only get the 4 - 6 inches of snow predicted, things will be okay. If it lands here as an ice storm, it's likely we'll lose power. In that case, you may not hear from me for awhile! Stay warm and safe.

Fall Garden Veggies photos & text copyright January 2010 


Woolly Bits said...

at least you're still having some of your own veg! given that you only started to garden last year in this spot, that's something! I usually put in the garlic cloves in october, which means that I get larger bulbs the following summer. don't know if it works for you. and I hope you won't get that storm too badly - we have snow in the forecast tomorrow again - just when I need to go to our guild meeting to do a sock knitting demo:((

Benita said...

Wow! I never thought I'd be hoping you get snow. That ice stuff is nasty!!

I've never even tried a fall garden, although I do know people around here do. At this point, I think a spring/summer one will suit me fine. :)

Man, that is one fat carrot!

Renee Nefe said...

I need to go check my carrots. Earlier when we got our first frosts I threw a tarp over them hoping to save them from freezing. I figured if they froze, I would just toss them in with the compost, but if they didn't I would have some carrots!

Maybe I'll get to check them next week.

Your carrots & turnips look great! yum

Nina said...

Awesome looking turnips! It seems that winter has come back with a vengeance here too! It's cold, blustery and snowy. Here it is also customary to plant garlic in the autumn for next summer's harvest. It has a fairly lengthly maturation time... longer than one would expect.
I've been considering hoop houses to extend our autumnal growing season, but even with avoiding early frosts, I wonder if our light levels drop too much to be viable.

Randy said...

Your fall garden looks great! I have never had anything other than a summer garden.

Mother Moon said...

love the picture of the turnips... they always make me think of my passed grandpa... We used to eat them raw like apples...

Julie said...

Looks good!

Leigh said...

I'm glad to hear that about the garlic, Bettina. I hope it works here too. I think October was about when I planted them.

Benita, yes, it's funny we would be wanting snow under the circumstances. But we don't lose power with snow, only when there is heavy ice coating tree branches which then fall on the power lines!

Renee, good for you for planting carrots! The tarp should protect them just fine. Carrots seem to overwinter really well.

Nina, you've just confirmed it about the garlic. I'm hoping it will be the same for the onions. I'd like to try a hoop house next winter as well, at least for things like broccoli, kale, and cabbage, which don't mind too much cold.

Lynn, this is one of my first successful gardens. It really requires different knowledge I'm realizing. Hopefully next year I'll have some good experience to build on.

Mother Moon's Message, I'd forgotten that turnips can be eaten raw, thanks! We've enjoyed them roasted and steamed so far.

Thanks Julie! The best part is that it tastes as good as it looks. :)

Robin said...

Wow, how nice. I have never done a winter garden. I was going to this fall but things didn't work out. My garlic ended up being the only thing I got in.

Sharon said...

It boggles my mind that you can get vegetables in January. On the other hand, we'll still pulling potatoes from under the mulch. Ian came up the my studio today, which overlooks the garden area, and showed me his plans for expanding our raised gardens this spring. I would love to have pictures like this next January.

cyndy said...

Nice looking harvest!! Yum..fresh carrots and turnips...did ya roast them up together?

What variety of broccoli did you plant (some are better suited to winter plantings than others...)

Leigh said...

Robin, something is better than nothing and since we love garlic, I'd say your something was a good choice! Fall gardening is different than summer gardening and I realize that I have a lot to learn.

Sharon, lucky you to still be getting potatoes! I'm looking forward to planting some this year. I'm glad Ian wants to expand. I'd love to see photos of the fruit of that expansion too.

Cyndy, thanks! Yes, we roast them together. Roasted root veggies are a favorite around here. For broccoli, I planted De Cicco. I'm not sure how well it was supposed to perform in a fall garden, but it was the only open pollinated seed I could find locally. I'm open to suggestions!