January 18, 2010

Dining Room Details

The dining room floor is finally done. What a feeling of accomplishment. Still, there are numerous little details that need to be tended to before we can declare the room finished.

Ttwo thresholds were needed. One between dining and living rooms, and one between the living room and the hall.

DH made them out of oak.

We stained and finished them the same as the dining and living room floors.

Then the baseboard needed to be finished. The original baseboard is 6 and 5/8 inches tall. Initially it was topped with cove moulding, which I removed for painting (as it was heavily glopped with paint.) While looking through our back issues of This Old House Magazine, DH and I noticed that all similar baseboards were finished with taller moulding, hence what you see in the photo below.

The walls aren't even so I filled in the gaps with painters putty. And since the room was carpeted when we bought the place, there was no moulding on the baseboard at the floor. We added cove moulding there.

This is the new hardware for the built-in corner cabinets. It was chosen to match the new dining room light (pic here.) The doors still need to be sanded and painted.

Then there's the swinging door which goes between kitchen and dining room.

DH is removing the old paint and will stain it before rehanging.

Lastly there'll be curtains to be put up, furniture to be moved in, dishes to be unpacked, and the walls to put things on. A lot of little things to be done but it's coming along.

Dining Room Details text & photos copyright January 2010


  1. It looks great!!! I know it's so easy to get bogged down in all the details you still have left to do but the bulk of the work is done and it looks so much better. You can definitely tell you guys are putting your heart and soul into making this place home.

  2. It's looking great!! Hang in there you'll get it all done and love the results.

  3. That floor looks awesome! I don;t envy your husband the scraping though. I've scraped enough paint off of old furniture, doors and window frames to last me a lifetime.

    Still, what a joy this room is going to be.

  4. Oh how fun its looking so good and I can't wait to see everything in it!

  5. Looking nice. I'm excited for you!

  6. Many thanks ya'll. The final finishing up is my least favorite part of any project, which probably explains why I have any number of handwoven dishtowels still awaiting hemming. It's exciting though, to realize that pretty soon we can actually use and enjoy this room, instead of walking around piles and digging through boxes to find stuff.

  7. It looks great! I continue to be in awe (and maybe I even feel a little envious) of how much hard work you guys are doing on your house!! You're an inspiration!


  8. I just came across (2/13) your project and love it. I am considering changing a bedroom to a dining room and noticed that your dining room had doors (French?) between the living and dining. Any reason for that?
    Thanks, Pete

  9. Pete, they came with the house. :) Actually, all the rooms in our old house have doors. This winter though, we've relied on wood heat quite a bit, so the doors have come in handy to keep heat where we are. If you're considering zone heating, you might want to consider doors too.


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