January 5, 2010

Silver Socks For Cold Feet

One of the things we measure the weather by around here, is the birdbath: whether or not the water in it freezes during the night, and whether or not it melts during the day. This past week we've had a continuously frozen birdbath, even with sunny days! While I'm glad to get a break from the rain (9.65" in December), the sunny days and clear nights have meant joining the rest of the country in the winter cold.

My problem, in spite of my best tricks for staying warm, is that my toes and fingers get painfully cold. So much so that I don't enjoy being outdoors anymore. Consequently, I was delighted to find these while searching through a box the other day....

Silver metallic socks keep my toes comfortable in the coldest weather.These are metallic knit socks that I bought longer ago than I can remember when. I think the idea is that they reflect your body heat back at you, and I remember getting laughed at for buying them. I put them on under a pair of wool socks the other day and spent the entire afternoon working outdoors with warm feet! I was elated.

Unfortunately they have gotten a couple of runs in them so I fear they may not last much longer. But I have no idea who sells them. Does anybody know? I remember they had metallic knit glove liners too, which I would love to have as well. If you have a clue as to where I might get another pair of these socks and/or metallic knit glove liners, please let me know!

Silver Socks For Cold Feet © January 2010 


Nina said...

I just googled metallic sock and glove liners and got a whole whack of places (52,300 different hits which I'm sure not all are useful) which sell them.
Otherwise I'd check a specialty outdoor adventure equipment (backwoods camping, hiking etc) store for that sort of thing.
Good idea though..

Lyneya said...

This might not help but when I have to shovel the driveway in -10 weather (Evil Alaska weather) I put long-johns on under my pants, wool socks in my sorrels, and I put my gloves on under a loose pair of those plastic palmed working gloves. Even in warmer climates you can often find Sorrels at thrift stores. At the hardware store they often sell work gloves that look like the front was dipped in blue plastic. If I put those on over winter gloves, the plastic keeps the under gloves dry and keeps the heat in. Oh and a dorky hat with ear flaps works well too :) Basically to stay warm you ust have to have no shame :)

Cynthia A. said...

Did a bit of googling, and came up with a few things that may be what you are wanting:

I hope that helps - stay warm!

Theresa said...

Try here!

Renee Nefe said...

I didn't search, but I was going to suggest the Vermont Country store as they usually have EVERYTHING! But I see two suggestions for Harriet Carter which has everything also. I hope you find them!

I need to go get my bunny slipper socks...i left them upstairs.

Julie said...

Those are really cool! I have never seen them before but it sounds like I need some. The glove liners would be really good because I can't go out in the winter without gloves on your my poor old hand hurt so bad!

Leigh said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! One and all. I was afraid they didn't make them anymore but it seems quite a few places make/offer them.

Nina, I hadn't thought of a local store, duh. I have to admit I don't frequent the adventure equipment stores. My life is enough of an adventure without having to go out to find one. :)

Lyneya, if anybody should know how to stay warm, an Alaskan should! I definitely agree with a hat, it makes a huge difference. I'm not familiar with Sorrels though, I'll have to look around for those. Theresa gave me a boot recommendation too, which I need to look into.

One thing I've noticed from growing up in the north (northern Illinois) and then moving to the south, is that winter gear sold here isn't as warm and heavy duty as what can be bought in the north. Everything from sweatshirts to winter coats is lighter weight.

Cynthia, thank you for the links! And thank you for taking time to do some searching and leaving a comment. I love input from readers.

Theresa, what doesn't Harriet Carter have? *LOL I used to get their catalogues (or I probably wouldn't have asked the question.)

Renee, I'm not sure I'm familiar with the Vermont Store. Don't they publish a catalogue of neat country and hard to find stuff? I used to enjoy looking at those.

Julie, ditto on hands hurting from the cold. If I can keep my toes and fingers comfortable, I can spend all day outside.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh baby I want me some of those. This Ozarks farm chick has the same problem, in the middle of August my hands and feet are still cold.

The temp here yesterday morn' was ten below and I have to spend about 45 min. outside doin' chores every day so you can just imaging.

You'd laugh if you saw all the garb I can pile onto my body. Good news if I fall on the slick snow...I'm so patted I just bounce back up! Heeeheeehe.

Have a great cozy day...I'm headed outside to prepare for our next snowstorm. Oh Lord, I am NOT a snowbunny! God bless!!!


I can sympathize, because it was 34degrees F down here in the south most tip of the continental US and I have to say I so could have use a pair of thermal underpants, these jeans are not cutting it today.

charlotte said...

These socks look great, I wish I had a pair of them! My hand and feet are cold, almost regardless of what I wear. I have been contemplateing lately if submerging alternatingely them into hot and cold water might help, but I'm not so desperate yet...

Randy said...

My feet are always cold, my husband says I'm part vampire. I need to find some of those socks, too!

I just noticed tonight that my birdbath broke - it froze too many times, and is broken to pieces now. Too bad, I really liked that birdbath. It is an extroidinarily cold winter this year...