July 21, 2009

Removing The Chimney - Phase 2

The first phase (click here to see that) in removing the chimney required Dan to be on the roof and me on the ground. To disassemble the next section Dan worked in the attic, handed the bricks up to me, and I sat on the roof and slid them down the chute.

We started working on it just below the roof line....

The chimney is a double, because it was made to accommodate two fireplaces.

The process was the same, taking it apart brick by brick with a cold chisel and mallet.

Much of it didn't even need that. As I mentioned earlier, the mortar had pretty much disintegrated to sand, so many of the bricks could be lifted out with ease.

We took it down as far below the living room ceiling as Dan could reach.

It is interesting to see the chimney construction near the bottom. The bricks were stair stepped to curve, so that one side goes to the living room fireplace, the other to the bedroom fireplace.

Lastly, Dan put a temporary cover over the opening, until we can get the new flashing and chimney pipe in place.

All that's left from this day's work is to stack the bricks up to the side.

The next step will removing the chimney breast inside the house. Click here to go on to that.


Theresa said...

What a lot of work. You guys must have been sweltering on the roof mid summer in the south.
Sad as it is, I'm sure you will find all sorts of great uses for those old bricks. Thank god you had those chimney's completely checked before building a fire
in the fireplace!

Benita said...

I agree with Theresa. A old chimney caught fire when I was a teenager and burned my family home to the ground. I am so glad you found this out before using those fireplaces.

Then, when it is rebuilt properly, you can toast your toes before the fire this winter knowing the chimney is sound and safe.

Sharon said...

Holey moley - that's intense. My palms got sweaty just looking at your husband on the roof. I am impressed at the vigorous tasks that you have tackled head-on. I suppose that's required in order to be ready for winter. Phew - you guys are working hard!!

Life Looms Large said...

You guys are tough!! I'm impressed. I feel a little tired just looking at those pictures!

Where has my homeowner's mojo gone???


MiniKat said...

How long before the mess is no longer in danger of trickling into the living room and your bedroom?

Dorothy said...

It's fascinating to see how your chimney was built.

I hope you've managed to keep the chimney soot under control, it is so fine and sticks to things, quite a challenge to stop it getting everywhere.