July 20, 2009

Removing The Chimney - Phase 1

Once we came to grips with the condition of the fireplace, we forged ahead with the project. Here's the chimney we're taking down....

DH disassembled it brick by brick with a cold chisel and a mallet.....

To get the bricks off the roof, he made a slide. This was a real "make it do" item, made from leftover sheets of vinyl siding and some 2 x 2's we had lying around.

I stood below, took pictures, and piled the bricks to the side.

In some spots, the mortar was so soft that the bricks could be removed by hand....

He took it down to just below the roof.

All that's visually left from the ground is the slide and the lightening rod which you can see lying on the roof. The bricks are here.....

The next step will be to do the same to the section that's in the attic. Click here to see that.

Removing The Chimney - Phase 1 is copyright 20 July 2009 


  1. Your hubby is a very smart guy!

  2. Looks like a pain in the butt, but as all renovations, the end product is usually worth the aggrevation. I love all the pics and posts about your new place. Good luck and be careful in the attic, I've been in ours and don't wish it on anyone.

  3. :( I'm so sad for your fireplace. I hope you get the woodstove in soon though.

  4. Julie, he is a smart guy!

    DeepEnd, it is a pain. But I suppose that's what happens when you buy an older home. At least we know it will be exactly what we want, and safe.

    Renee, I hope it gets in soon too!

  5. I secretly think it looks kind of fun to drop bricks in the chute and have them fall to the ground. (Maybe after the 100th brick it gets old though?)

    I don't know if you have a used-brick plan, but if you end up with extras, I'll bet if you list them on freecycle, some one will have a good use for them. We did that with old pavers and were amazed at the response.

    Good luck!



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