July 15, 2009

1st Fruits

I picked this yesterday...

My 1st garden produce.Prematurely because of this....

Sadly blemished.I believe this is blossom end rot. I've seen it on tomatoes but never on bell peppers. It's considered to be the result of calcium deficiency, and occurs during hot, dry weather, or during a quick growth spurt because of excess nitrogen. It effects tomatoes and peppers.

This was the only pepper on the plant effected thus, fortunately. I have "Enz-Rot" spray from Gardens Alive! which I will use tomorrow. Fortunately, most of the pepper was salvageable.

Yes, it was as tasty as it looks!Homemade pizza with homegrown bell pepper.

In other garden news, I found our first cucumber blossom ....

Bright yellow cuke flowerThe tomatoes are doing well ....

I'm very happy with how the tomatoes are lookingAnd the zinnias have started to bloom.

I love their rainbow colorsI'm a happy camper. :)

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  1. I had a pepper shaped like that too on my bell pepper plant. At first I thought that perhaps they had made a mistake (I bought it as a plant) but it is a bell...however the latest hail storm smashed a hole in it. It seems the weather is determined that I should only have lettuce this year. sigh! all the blooms on my tomatoes were smashed off again...the heirloom tomatoe takes 85 days to mature! I don't think I have enough time.

    I wonder if I dig up the tomatoes and move them to a protected area and then inside when the cold weather comes if I might actually get some?

    Thank goodness for the farmer's markets.

  2. Mmmmm, think I'll come to your house for supper!

  3. Oh yum, homemade pizza! Looks like tha garden is off and running with production. Lucky you! :-)

  4. You're off to such a great start after such a recent move! And I am now jealous and hungry; I have never mastered homemade pizza.

  5. That pizza looks absolutely delicious!

    I think congratulations are in order for that first pepper! I can never grow peppers!


  6. OK, I admit it, the pizza was great! LOL

  7. Man! That pizza looks good!

    I envy your garden! We had such a wet, cold spring that its schedule and mine never meshed enough for me to plant anything. Luckily, I have a great CSA from which I've been getting my veggies, but I LOVE going out to a garden, picking a veggie right from the plant, wipe it on my jeans to remove a bit of the dust and eating it.

    Your pictures are so good I swear I can smell the plants from here!

  8. Yum. That look's a nice pepper (apart from the rotted bit). And the pizza...


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