July 11, 2023

Permaculture Adventure Bundle (Books & More!)

Every year I have the honor of participating in a great book deal. They've been organized by different groups, but the very best (to me) has been the ones sponsored by Permies.com. And this year's promises to be excellent!

Permies.com Permaculture Homesteading Bundle
Permies.com 2023 Permaculture homesteading bundle

Of course, I'm supposed to give you a sales pitch. I'm not very good at that, but I will tell you that it's an excellent 5-day special offer. For $35, you get 43 digital resources selling separately for $514 USD. 

But why should you get it? Here's where sales rhetoric is weak, in my opinion. Mostly, I would say, if you watch or listen to the news, you know why. 

As my readers know, this blog is a journal of my homesteading projects and adventures. I don't talk about world events or politics, because these have very little to do with what we do here and why. 

What I will say, is this. Throughout history, the people who have best weathered hard times, whether political, military, medical, social, economic, cultural, production, or supply distribution issues, have been the ones who grew food. The ones who knew how to function outside of their customary routine. The people who relied the most heavily on the system suffered most. 

Maybe you're one of the optimistic ones who thinks life as we know it will weather the bumps, then continue to go on forever. I hope that's the case, but history isn't on our side for that one. If people can't recognize that there's a global power struggle going on right now, well, there's nothing I can say to change your mind. That isn't even my job. But I can say, look at this. Here's something important. Even if it's just bumps in the road, here's something that can help you. Here's something that can make a difference no matter what happens. That something is Permies' 2023 permaculture homesteading bundle.

The bundle includes eBooks, webinars, videos, building plans, audiobook, and podcasts. Here are 7 of the resources you get:

SMART Homesteading Plan Webinar by Nicole Sauce

3 issues of Tiny House magazine

Down the Carrot Hole, a film
by David Trood of the Weedy Garden

Mortise & Tenon Apprenticeship Series:
Foundations from Mortise & Tenon Magazine

How to Create a Resilient Off-Grid Home
eBook by Kate Downham

Simple Mead Making eBook by
Colleen Codekas of Grow Forage Cook Ferment

Grow Your Own Food on a Budget
Simple & Affordable Permaculture streaming podcast
with John Bush and Paul Wheaton

And new this year, everything is available for instant download! In the past we had to wait, but they've built in some software improvements that mean you have access as soon as you pay.

Available at the discount price through Friday, here's the link to see all the resources and get the entire bundle:

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