July 14, 2023

Last Day for the Bundle Bargain

I didn't want to close out this week without mentioning that two of my eBooks are part of Permies' Permaculture Adventure Bundle!

How To Get Cream from Goats' Milk and
How To Make Goats' Milk Mozzarella
by Leigh Tate

The discount price ends today at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. After that the price goes up.

To wrap up this week's sneak peek, here's the rest of what's included:

The Amazing Elderberry, a presentation by
John Moody from the Superfood Garden Summit

Building the "Easy-Bake Coffin" micro documentary
by Paul Wheaton

Ram Pumps webinar
by Tim Barker

The Hugelkultur Movie from World Domination Gardening
by Paul Wheaton and Diego Footer

Huge gob of permaculture podcasts
by Paul Wheaton

Garden Master Guide eBook
by Andres Bernal

The Garden Master Guide is the companion eBook to Helen Atthowe's online Garden Master Course.

To check out the entire bundle, just follow this link 

Permaculture Adventure Bundle

In my next blog post, I'll show you more progress on our greenhouse.


Sandi said...

A great idea!

Michael said...

65 dollars not 35 dollars.

That and sadly I've bought more than a few items from Permies over the years and was not smart enough to "Find" my purchases.

I know I bought the rocket riser building package and still cannot see it.

Leigh said...

Michael, did you miss the deadline? It was 2 p.m. Montana time, which would have been 5 p.m Eastern (but I don't know what time zone you're in.) The price went up after that.

Do you have a permies account? I'm not an expert on this, but I think if you go to the Permaculture Adventure Bundle page and click on the individual items, you should be able to download them. There's also a page How to access digital market goodies. Otherwise, I would find the contact button and ask for help.