March 4, 2023

Twin Girls for Caroline

And here they are! They're 14 hours old in these photos.

This little girl was first born.

Her sister followed soon after.

Happily, the weather was mild and Caroline kidded during the day. It happened going on dinnertime, between making the salad and mixing the main course in the skillet. Fortunately, I checked at the right time and didn't miss it because it was amazing how quickly it went. Within 30 minutes both kids were born, on their feet, and finding milk all by themselves.

What do the other kids think? They aren't impressed at the moment.

River's twins, Mosul and Saluda, 5½ weeks old

Sky's Willow, 4½ weeks old

Ursa's twin boys now have names.

Orion on the left, Buster Brown on the right. They are 1 week old.

Nap time is about the only time they're all still anymore. LOL

So that's it for this year's kidding and I won't have to get up for night checks until next year. We ended up with four does and three bucks. Not bad.

Parting shot


DFW said...

Sweet kids! Love to watch them play. Glad all went well with their births -- and that all are finished.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

I am sure this can be a stressful time of year for you. Glad that everything has had a successful conclusion.

And...more kid pictures! Nothing ever wrong with that!

Boud said...

Great kidding season this year. Everyone evidently well, including the farmer. It must be a riot out there!

Leigh said...

Deb, thank you! Truly a time to enjoy and rejoice. :)

TB, I sometimes wonder if folks get tired of my kid pictures, but they are a bright spot in my life that I can't help it. Thank you for the encouragement!

It is stressful, although probably in a different way than most of life's stressors. We've all experienced lack of sleep, but it's anticipating the births that have their own kind of stress. Usually, everything goes well, but I've had enough problem births and kid deaths that I'm never fully at ease until it's all over.

Leigh said...

Boud, it's really a lot of fun (I need to get some videos) The two youngest boys try so hard to keep up with the big kids, who love tearing back and forth from pasture to barn. Racing is a popular kid game.

Jenn Jilks said...

How sweet!

Leigh said...

Jenn, :)

Ed said...

I never really minded the midnight shift of livestock watch. The hopeful anticipation of new life always outweighed my desire to just sleep for a bit longer.

Nancy In Boise said...

How cute!!!

Cederq said...

Pretty set of girls grandma! A nice set of kids and enough does this year, you keeping all the does?

Sherry said...

The kids are so cute. I always wanted to raise them, but my hubby isn't a fan. Isn't that always how it goes, lol. Have a great day.

Leigh said...

Ed, I know some people set up baby monitors so they can hear what's going on, and I've seen a few who do a cam set-up to check on their computers. I'm not that fancy and I'm not that good at guessing at how close the the big moment actually is. Maybe I need to set up a cot in the barn!

Nancy, I agree!

Kevin, not all, but hopefully some. I like to not sell the does until they are at least 3 or 4 months old, preferably longer, so it gives me a chance to choose the best conformation and personalities for my goals. Every other year or so, I sell an adult doe as well.

Sherry, yes indeed, it often works out that way, especially with animals. You need a nearby neighbor to get some, so you can enjoy the antics without the work!

Quinn said...

Done and dusted - huzzah and congrats to all the mamas and the goatherds! :)

Anonymous said...

I will take the first born doe. They are lovely 😊
Nice breedings all around.

tpals said...

Please never stop the kid posts. Warm, happy, fuzzy feelings for your readers.

Leigh said...

Quinn, amen!

Goatldi, that one is the real go-getter. :)

Tpals, thank you for that! They are one of the joys of our lifestyle.

Rosalea said...

What beautiful babies, Leigh.

Leigh said...

Thanks, Rosalea!