March 1, 2023

Spring is Springing

March, from my cross-stitch calendar Christmas present. :)

March is the first month of the agrarian year. It's really the homesteading year as well, so I tend to think of goals and projects according to the season. We still have about six weeks or so before the last frost date (which is no guarantee!), so it's the time to plan and begin the planting season. Because of that, we don't have many projects on our spring to-do list.



Anything else is worked in as time, need, and inspiration allow.

March is also the month to celebrate the transition from winter's brown and grey to the glorious colors of everything waking up.

Daffodils have been blooming since January. Now my fancies have joined the party.

Japanese Magnolia






Peach blossoms

How's everyone else's spring shaping up? 

Spring is Springing © March 2023


tpals said...

Hahahahaha...sorry, spring? What's that? But your flowers are so pretty.

Ed said...

Ditto! Still brown and ugly up here. Hopefully in another few weeks I can report something pretty.

Leigh said...

Tpals, you must be in the ferocious winter zone! By the time you're enjoying spring, I'll be complaining about ferocious heat!

Ed, this time of year, I'm thankful to live in the south. Summertime, not so much!

daisy g said...

We've been slowly awakening to the magic of spring. Daffs, crocus, and even my cannas are waking up! It's such a thrilling season, especially since we lived in Florida for so long, where everything is eternally green. This is so much more enchanting. Enjoy!

Rosalea said...

What a beautiful breath of spring!
Another 6 inches of snow here yesterday, and more coming Thursday, but....maple sap time is right around the corner, the days are longer, the sun is stronger...that is spring in the north woods.

Leigh said...

Daisy, when I lived in Florida, I missed the seasons. Even here, I've thought I missed the seasons, since in the southeast they are more subtle. Being older now, I appreciate the little bit of cold and snow we get, but wouldn't mind more of a balance to make up for our hot, dry summers!

Rosalea, maple sap! That's something we don't get here. I may not envy all your snow, but I envy that maple syrup!

Nina said...

Not even close to spring yet. We've had 2 ice storms, and a snow storm in the last 10 days, and they're calling for another 10 inches of the white stuff on Friday. The chooks are quite upset that they're stuck inside, but they can't wade through snow this deep. However the days are noticeably longer and the maple sap should be starting to run soon. Our last frost date is another 11 weeks away.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Dry and brown here as well, with weather in the mid-80's and (apparently) a thunderstorm/tornado watch as well. On the bright side, the days are getting longer so I can get a little more done after work.

Leigh said...

Nina, I've shoveled paths for my chickens when they wouldn't go out in deep snow. :) Hopefully, maple sap season will make it worth it. Do stay safe!

TB, the longer days help make up for the weather inconveniences, don't they. :)

Florida Farm Girl said...

Yep, spring is springing. Things are popping up in the flower beds, the roses are leafing out and such. The birds are getting are vocal also.

Nancy In Boise said...

We're getting our second winter here! Snow and more snow.......

Annie in Ocala said...

Dry and warmer than I like here for the last few weeks. Most of the pasture seed I spread last Nov right before Nicole (TS/hurricane) has withered from the dryer than usual time since. Here its 6m lots of rain, 6m very dry. Frustrating we loose about all of spring growth but its been this way here since long before I came along. Forage growth that is, the established trees know how to deal with it. I do water the peach trees and have a bumper crop but many fruits will not survive the coming hot spells so I wait to thin the fruit. I'm hoping to retire next Jan and will love having the time and energy to do spring chores. My job consumes my energy from mid Feb thru may and i'll be glad to be done with that. Its very dry and dust and pollen filled breezes here...

Leigh said...

Sue, roses? Really? I hope you don't get a cold snap to set them back!

Nancy, I hope spring catches up with you soon!

Annie, spring forage is tough here too. I'm planting earlier this year in hopes that it will be somewhat established by the time it's not so rainy.

Retirement will be something to look forward to! We're really thankful to have all our time at home, although there's still always more to do than time to do it in.