February 17, 2021

Kidding Round Two

With the frigid air bearing down on us, I was concerned about River, who was due any day. Yesterday, about 9 am before the temps started to plummet from our balmy upper 30s, she delivered a healthy baby boy!

He had one foot forward and one leg behind, so I helped pull him out. You may recall that I didn't think she was carrying more than one, so my guess was correct. 

The concern in winter is getting them dried off before they get hypothermic. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. 

Like many first-time goat moms, she wasn't too sure about letting him nurse. So I held her, and he found his first breakfast all by himself. It's always a relief to get that first colostrum into their tummies. 

All cozy in the kidding stall.

And, of course, here are the "big kids," now 11 days old.

Miracle's twin doelings.

Full of energy.

One more doe to go. Nova is due in mid-March.

Kidding Round Two © February 2021


  1. Congrats! So glad she beat the weather; seems that animals often wait FOR the bad weather.

  2. We'll hope for better weather then.

  3. My, what a wonderful little bundle of joy you have there! He is adorable! So glad you were able to help with the delivery, and assisting in that first delicious meal! We have been inside for three days now, as the ice is very thick under the snow, and it’s a frigid beast out there! Hope you are spared these confounded weather blasts! Good thing is, we have only lost power a couple of times, and at an hour duration at the most. Not to worry, that beautiful propane fireplace keeps us toasty! Stay warm!

  4. Michelle, that's what I was worried about! Fortunately, she chose decent weather and daytime!

    Donna, thanks!

    Gorges, amen, although I reckon we'll just have to take what we get, lol.

    Wyomingheart, he is a cutie. Sounds like you're in the thick of the bitter winter weather that's descended upon us. Glad you're power didn't go out for long and that you're staying warm! We're supposed to be dipping colder and colder here too.

  5. Another good kidding . . . with a little help from human mom Leigh! That last picture looks like that little doe is giving her mama a big hug and kiss!

  6. I haven't heard any reports yet but February is the traditional time of calving up here and it has been brutal for the last two weeks. I expect when this is done, there will be a lot of frozen calves that just didn't stand a chance.

  7. Those little guys are so danged cute!

  8. I do like to see goats in coats. And great timing for a first time goat mom, too.

  9. So darling they are. I think if I were to have livestock - it would be goats.

  10. Congrats! That was perfect timing!

  11. Glad it went so well!!! My dose of extreme cuteness for the day, and love the sweaters!

  12. Kristina, thanks!

    Mama Pea, another relief, lol. Yes, I love that action shot of the little doe and her mother. :)

    Ed, you're really got a bitter freeze, don't you. Very worrisome for livestock folk. Every year I say I'm going to breed later to avoid the cold, yet the goats always win out!

    Sue, the highlight of my spring!

    Boud, fashion show! Trouble is, the size for standard breed kids is to big for the Kinders. Until they grow into them, they wiggle out of them regularly!

    RT, they make great pets!

    Jo, very thankful for that!

    Nancy, cutest time of the year. :)

  13. Looks like you are going to need a bigger goat barn! :-)

  14. Happy goats making happy kids. :)

  15. Mike, that's one of the reasons I didn't breed as many does this year. :) Of course, with Kinders, you can never tell. They frequently have multiples, so 3 does with 4 kids each would definitely be a barn rull!

    TB, can always use some happiness!

    Tpals, thank you! River is a first-time mom, and very pleased with her baby boy.

  16. Oh Leigh, you are so good at what you do. What a nice, clean, warm place you have for the goats. Congratulations on the newest baby. Just want you to know that Heidi is up and running around, butting Rosie and seems back to normal. So thankful.

  17. Nice looking and healthy kids! I sure miss that time of birthing kids. Alabama and a small plot of land and a couple of does for me!

  18. Henny, I am so happy to hear about Heidi! What a relief, eh? You'r a good goat mama!

    No, I won't say I'm good at what I do, I just try to do my best. :)

    Cederq, it's a wonderful time, isn't it? This little guy was bouncing all over the place today. Still takes a lot of naps though. When you get to Alabama and are ready for goats, I know someone there who has a fantastic Kinder herd!


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