February 7, 2021

Babies! Twins! Girls!

Friday afternoon I was getting ready to start on pizza dough and then head out for afternoon chores. I was standing at the sink when Dan stuck his head in the back door and said urgently, "Come now!" I knew what that meant because Miracle had gone off by herself in the barn earlier in the afternoon. We'd both been keeping an eye on her. "Already part way out," he said as we ran to the barn. By the time we got there, the first baby had just been born. About 20 minutes later, we had a second baby goat, both little does. Here they are at about an hour old. 

First born


Miracle had been so big, we were actually surprised there were only two. But she's always tended to be fat, so the extra girth is pretty normal for her. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day. February hasn't been as mild as January was, and I admit that's a concern when baby goats are due. I worry about them getting hypothermia when they are brand new. 

Here they are the next day, not quite 24 hours old yet. Even in their sweaters, you can see that after they dried off they weren't as dark as they first looked. In fact, they both look just like their mom!

The biggest difference between them is that the first one has waddles like their daddy. The second born has more white on her crown and face.

I have at least one other doe due to kid next month (Nova). And maybe another one in a couple of weeks. That one (River) I'm less sure about because she wasn't very cooperative when she had her date with Magnus. They were both first timers and one assumes they'll figure it out, but . . . ???? She doesn't look very big, but she seems to be getting a little bit of an udder, so that's hopeful. There may be one hiding in there, after all. We'll see!


  1. I had a small herd of 35 Boers and I loved it when kids were born. An exciting time. Then as they grew started playing. I use to sit and just watch the kids play, it was better and more entertaining then TV.

  2. Congrats! They look great. Most of our mamas kidded a couple of weeks ago. It's great to have a bunch of playful kids in the barn.

  3. YAY! Here it is only 14F and bitter wind and cloudy. Was not going to be a bright day but -- here you are with BABY GOAT PICS first thing in the morning and I've got a big smile on my face! Thank you Miracle (et al). Congrats on a no drama delivery. Hugs, Kris

  4. They are both adorable. Congratulations!

  5. Thank you, everybody!

    Cederq, I so agree. I always make sure to spend time each day enjoying those baby goats!

    Bill, good to hear from you! I need to come check out your blog to see what you've been up to lately.

    Kris, we had snow last night! But the kids won't get to see it 'cuz they're still cozy in the kidding stall. And it's melting!

  6. Two does! And an easy birthing. Can't even think about if they had been born here 'cause it's -17° this morning and a high of -3° forecast for the day. You're living in the right part of the country! Enjoy the babies!

  7. These posts always make me miss my animal husbandry days.

  8. You are so blessed...they are ADORABLE!!!

  9. I think you share the best parts of goats with us. Thank you and congrats.

  10. How adorable. How do you keep from cuddling them.

  11. Baby Goats! Baby goats always make me happy!

  12. Congrats! Very cute. I hope that it stays warm enough that you don't have to put in a warming lamp or heater.

  13. This (almost) makes me miss having goats! Little kids are so cute and lovable... and I've never seen one in a sweater! I want to scoop them up for a hug. :)

  14. Oh my gosh, Leigh! I would not be able to leave them alone! They are simply precious! How long will they be nursing? When will you start milking Momma again? We are very happy for you and well done by all!

  15. Alex, very fun to knit and crochet. :)

    Mama Pea, I always worry about the temps for a February kidding. Sometimes it's mild, sometimes it's bitterly cold. We hit it pretty good this time! Thankfully!

    Ed, no pets?

    Rain, I agree!

    Tpals, thanks!

    RT, I do cuddle them, although they aren't terribly enthusiastic about it . :)

    TB, me too!

    Renee, we had the heat lamp for the coldest nights at first. Dan worries about them. :)

    Kelly, :). The sweaters are for my peace of mind! I take them off when it gets warm.

    Wyomingheart, I make sure to spend lots of time with them! Just enjoying. I'll let them nurse for as long as their mother lets them. Mama Goats typically wean their kids around 5 month. As long as she produces plenty, I'll can start milking at about a week. Before then it's colostrum, although since the kids aren't taking much yet, I've milked her some to relieve udder fullness. Thankfully, I still have mozzarella in the freezer! So no rush. :)

  16. Leigh, congratulations! The babies are beautiful. I would love to hold one.

  17. Henny, thanks! I love to hold them too, but they aren't so enthusiastic about that. :)

    Thanks Goatldi!

  18. Doesn't get better than that! Congrats, Leigh. They're gorgeous.


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