May 31, 2018

May Flowers

It is said that April showers bring May flowers, so I'll close out May with exactly that.




Lamb's Ear






Actually, we've had so much rain this month that it's been nearly impossible to get much done outside. Anyplace we've prepared the ground for spring planting is too soft and muddy to walk on, so not much is getting done in the garden. Still, the flowers are happy, and that's always nice.

May Flowers © May 2018 by Leigh 


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Your flowers are lovely Leigh! We're just getting going here but the Irises were amazing. daylilies just starting to bloom. I threw in tons of annuals this year, this Poor Farm needs lots of color.

Michelle said...

Hopefully the rain means you were able to work on inside (-the-house and -the-barn) project

Leigh said...

Donna, I hope they all bloom!

Michelle, yes, lots of inside stuff going on, which means the waiting list for outside projects keeps getting longer, and longer, LOL

Carol W. said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing. God bless you both.

Susan said...

You have so many more flowers than we do! Even at my friend's farm, a mere 30 minutes north, all her flowers are in bloom. I will have to say that my honeysuckle is over-brimming with blooms this year!

Ed said...

I've said it before but it bears repeating, any excess rain can be sent up to SE Iowa!

Love the pictures!

M.K. said...

We've been pretty immobilized in recent days. The grass is taking over :(

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Lovely pictures. Thank you!

Leigh said...

Carol, thanks! Color is always cheerful, isn't it?

Susan, but we're farther south! Which is nice for early color but not nice when summer pours on the heat!

Ed, I'd be glad to send you some rain! We are so wet and drenched here that I wonder if the ground will ever dry out!

M.K., here too! It's going to be a huge job to get things cut and tidy once it dries out.

TB, thanks!

Quinn said...

Leigh, I just posted the same title and a bunch of pictures of what is blooming here! I think the only one we both show is a honeysuckle. Otherwise, your flowers are still way ahead of mine :)

Leigh said...

Quinn, such a fun time of year for photographers! Nice to see what you've got blooming in your neck of the woods. :)