May 16, 2018

$10 Windows for the Barn

After we put the skylight in the milking room roof, I found myself wondering if we could use the same translucent roofing panels to let even more light into the goat barn. Dan isn't crazy about those panels, so he suggested we take a trip to the builders surplus warehouse to see what they had. We bought all our new energy efficient windows for the house there at a huge savings.

We looked around and found door windows for $10 each. Some were for doors and some were front door sidelights. We found a small window that would be just right for the milking room.

It was perfect.

Then we started discussing the hay loft. I have a small solar shed light to put at the top of the stairs, but I would prefer to save the battery and use natural light during the day. Dan had the idea to install sidelight panels horizontally along the top of the hayloft wall.

We headed back to the builder's surplus and bought two sidelight panels. They were also $10 each.

They are 6'10" by 9.5"

The length of the barn loft is 16 feet. By using the windows, Dan needed only two sheets of plywood instead of four.

Plywood sheets installed horizontally, leaving an opening for the windows.

Ready for the windows.

The opening above the plywood was 16.5 inches. The windows were 9.5 inches wide. 2x4s are 3.5 inches wide. So the window and two 2x4s were perfect to fill the opening.

One 2x4 is under the window and the second
 one is being slid in over the top from the left.

Window and 2x4s filled the space perfectly.

Hayloft posts are four feet apart, so each window had run in front of one post. After the 2x4s were screwed to the posts, however, there wasn't room to accommodate the vinyl window trim. Dan cut it so that the window could fit snuggly against the post.

Together, the windows cover 13 feet 8 inches of the 16-foot opening. That meant there were some gaps to cover.

Three gaps to fill, on each side and in the middle.

Dan had a few 3.5-inch thick scraps lying around to fill them in.

Now I have plenty of light in my new hayloft!

The amazing thing is that all of this worked out providentially. We couldn't have pre-planned it this well! Step by step we're getting closer to goat-moving-in day. 😊

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Goatldi said...

Absolutely spandiferious and yes that is a word. Well ok maybe not officially but since I made it up I can use it! Spandiferious : a word used to describe the most perfect hay loft in a goat barn in the continental united states. So there! Bravo.

Michelle said...

Providential, yes, but you two are also excellent at thinking outside the box and coming up with such creative and effective ways of doing things!

Leigh said...

Goatldi, it's a wonderful word! As soon as the hay chute and door are built it will be almost perfect. Stuffed with hay will make it perfect!

Michelle, amazing, isn't it? I've often thought that not having much money has been our best source of inspiration and creativity. :)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I love it when things come together like this. The goats will be so happy.

Ed said...

It is one of those things best described as it was just meant to be.

Leigh said...

Kristina, it's a real boost when it happens. :)

Ed, for sure! Hard not to feel blessed. :)

Woolly Bits said...

we put some corrugated plastic in our new shed - but I'd always go with glass if available at a reasonable price! this plastic (like most) doesn't last forever. we've had to exchange the stuff on the porch after about 25 years, because not only did it go "blind" (which wouldn't have mattered so much for the roof, because light still got through), the surface became rough and eventually we couldn't clean it anymore without risking to destroy it:( if I had the money I'd build a proper glass conservatory, but unfortunately I'd need a lottery win to pay for it:( you were lucky to get those windows at a good price - handy, when you can build around your finds:) I can see us here in 20 or 25 years, both with walking aids, trying to replace the darn plastic:)

Rain said...

How wonderful :) Everything looks so great, and that's such a great bargain on the windows!

Paula said...

It looks like you meant to do it that way, and I think that's the story to which you should stick. They look great!

weavinfool said...

How fantastic that the windows were there when you needed them. We have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore here and I find some wonderful bargains there.

Pricket said...

Fantastic. With blessing, serendipity, frugality and thinking outside the box you came up with a wonderful and good looking outcome.

Leigh said...

Bettina, LOL. That will probably be us too. I have a agree about real glass versus vinyl type plastic. It never lasts. It dries out and deteriorates, but never decomposes. Nasty stuff for the environment in the longrun.

Rain, thanks! It's amazing how things work out sometimes.

Paula, LOL. We're really pleased with this one.

Weavinfool, I agree about Habitat for Humanity ReStores. We check them out a lot and have found some great bargains.

Pricket, it all came together, didn't it! Such a relief.

Living Alone in Your 60's said...

It was meant to be, everything comes together at the same time. Is so good when this happens. X

Susan said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! You are going to have some very happy goats (and goat herder/milkmaid, too!) Great use of materials!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Wow, Leigh, your goat barn is going all fancy!! :) How nice to have natural daylight in there!! Looking good, you guys make a good team!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, you'll love that natural light in the loft. Beats artificial light any time. How ingenious, but then we should expect nothing less from you and Dan.

1st Man said...

What a wonderfully inventive (and affordable) solution!!

Leigh said...

Tania, it certainly seems to be that way. Amazing, isn't it?

Susan, thanks! I think the goats will like their new home, but as long as they're fed regularly, they're happy. :)

Debbie, gotta love that natural light. :)

Sue, I agree! Inspiration hit at exactly the right time. :)

1st Man, thanks! The cost helped too. :)

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

That is great how you figured that all out. Natural light is the best! Nancy

Leigh said...

Nancy, I so agree!

Chris said...

Windows, always make it more of a room, and less of a box. You two have done well to invite the natural light inside, where opportunity provides! I really like those horizontal windows.

Quinn said...

I am a big fan of windows and have torn up pretty much every wall in my little shack to replace as much as possible with glass. I also put several salvaged windows in my barns and workshop. I am most comfortable when I can see out is every direction, and I think the critters probably are too!