January 17, 2018

The 2018 Back To Basics Living Bundle

The Back To Basics Living Bundle is a project I love and this is my third year to participate. I love it because it's a collection of valuable information written by people just like me; people seeking a simpler, more natural way of living. I feel like I fit right in, because this is why I write too, to encourage others who are seeking a simpler, more natural way of living. Not everybody is a writer, but most of us are readers. As writers bundling our eBooks we can offer folks a whole lot of resources for a whole lot less than buying them individually.

So what resources are being offered in the 2018 Back To Basics Living Bundle?

Resources for simplifying your life
  • 31 Days to Simpler Living by Merissa Alink
  • Back to the Basics: Small Space Living by Kayla Kamp
  • Electronic Budget Worksheets by Charisse Merrill 
  • Handmade Gift Planner And Organizer by Jennifer Osuch

Resources for Gardening
  • Edible Landscaping in The Desert Southwest by Catherine Crowley
  • Get Growing: Five Easy-to-Raise Vegetables by Gabe Wright
  • High Performance Gardening by Lynn Gillespie
  • The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil by Susan Vinskofski

Resources for Natural Cooking and Baking
  • Artisan Bread – The Art Of Sourdough by Dana Thompson
  • Heritage Cooking by Lori Elliott
  • Never Buy Bread Again by Laurie Neverman
  • How to Make Gouda Cheese at Home by Corina Sahlin
  • DIY Homemade Butters with Herbs, Nuts and Fruit by Kristina Nelson

Resources for Home Food Preservation
  • Canning for Beginners by Heather Harris
  • Freezer Meals To Feed The Hungry by Jodi & Julie
  • Homemade Dried Fruits & Vegetables by Carol Murphy 
  • Batch From Scratch by Lisa Barthuly

Resources for Herbal Living
  • 100 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends by Meghan Nowlin
  • Edible and Medicinal Flowers by Kami McBride
  • Going Herbal by Marie Beausoleil
  • Herbal Teas for Winter Health by Carol Little
  • Delicious Dandelions: A Recipe Collection by Annie Coombe

Resources for Planning your Homestead
  • Keys To Successful Homesteading by Scott Terry
  • Modern Homesteading by Sheri Ann Richerson
  • Provident Homesteading by Julie Gropp
  • Pioneering Today – Faith and Home the Old Fashioned Way by Melissa K. Norris

Resources for Preparedness
  • Food Storage Made Easy by Jodi & Julie
  • Pantry And Food Preservation Planner by Kim Mills
  • Your Shelf Stable Pantry by Misty Marsh
  • The Modern American Frugal Housewife Book #4: Emergency Prepping by Jill Bong
  • Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan by Misty Marsh
  • Living Off Grid by Sheri Ann Richerson

Resources for Keeping Livestock 
  • Pasture Raising Livestock- A Beginners Guide by Jenna Dooley
  • Raising Chickens Naturally by Mindy Wood
  • Honeybee Tales by Leigh Tate

Resources to Learn New Skills
  • Make Maple Sugar in 3 Simple Steps! by Michelle Visser
  • Homebrewing eBook Package by Bill Osuch
  • Hot Process Soap Making by Heidi Villegas
  • Natural Soap Making How-To And Recipe Book by Kelly Cable
  • Make Your Own Vinegar for Pennies by Kathi Rodgers
  • The Guide To Primitive Survival Traps by Blake Alma
  • Rags to Rugs by Kim Brush
  • Green Your Clean by Gabe Wright

Resources for Home Income
  • Rural Hobby Turned Business by Leah Lynch
  • How To Make A Profit Homesteading by Kristin Duke

Resources for Inspiration and Preventing Burnout
  • Homestead Management by Quinn Veon
  • How to Handle a Crisis by Dennis Evers
  • Joyous Home Journal by Theresa Powers
  • A Heart Of Gratitude – 30 Day Thankfulness Devotional by Sara Jordan
  • Everyday Gratitude Journal by Sara Jordan
  • Mom’s Quiet Time Journal by Sara Jordan
  • Dreams From God, A Glimpse of the Future by Susan McDermott

Resources for Kids and Grandkids 
  • Kid’s First Homestead Recipes by Deborah Olsen
  • How to Afford Homeschooling by Selena Robinson
  • Parenting Your Differently Wired Child by Sallie Borrink
  • Preschool: At What Cost? by Susan Stewart
  • Your Homeschool Blueprint by Ana Willis
  • Zero to Hero Nutrition: How to Actually Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food by Christina Kamp
  • 9 Easy Steps to Homeschooling by Michelle Curren

  • Over $100 in bonus offers.
  • My private bonus offer. Buy the bundle through my blog and get your choice of one volume from my Critter Tales Series eBooks, for free. My Honeybee Tales is included in the bundle, but if you buy the bundle through this link, email me with which other Critter Tales volume you'd like, and I'll send you a link for your free copy. (The first volume in the Critter Tales Series is always free, no purchase ever necessary. You can get a free copy of that here.)

  • Online access: $39.97
  • USB flash drive: $64.97 (includes domestic shipping)
  • USB flash drive PLUS online access: $69.97 (includes domestic shipping)

The selling point is that bought separately, all of these resources would cost $529.85. Of course, no one would buy every single one individually, because not all of it is relevant to every one of us. What you have to figure out, is whether there's enough good stuff in there to make the 92% discount worth it for you.

So, while the sale is in progress (Jan. 17 - 23) I'll run a series of book reviews on the bundle contents. That way I don't have to try to talk you into anything and you can see for yourself whether the bundle is a good investment for you. If you're curious about any particular eBook on the list, just ask. I'll review it or at least try to answer your questions.

So here's the link to purchase the bundle ⇨ Click Here.

Even if you aren't interested in buying the bundle but enjoy book reviews, come on back! There are some excellent books on offer and if you are interested in homesteading, simple living, and preparedness, you will enjoy learning about these authors and resources.


Nancy In Boise said...

Looks like a great assortment of information! The timing was off for me to participate but I'd love to next time!

Leigh said...

Nancy, it does take a bit of work to produce even an eBook. The PDF format in this bundle is the easiest though, and a good way to get started. Plus you get exposure to a lot of readers. And, authors get a free copy of the bundle! That's why I can rave about the contents. :) Book reviews start tomorrow!