January 19, 2018

B2B Book Review: Heritage Cooking

I know most of you have probably seen this before

Heritage Cooking by Lori Elliot is the cookbook to go with it! Her book is a collection of carefully updated heritage recipes from cookbooks just like our grandparents and great-grandparents used to use.

Heritage recipes really appeal to me. Growing our own food means growing our own ingredients, so it is the traditional skills for preparing, preserving, and cooking them that I want to master. Modern substitutions aren't bad, but knowing how to take the simple foods we grow on the homestead and turn them into wholesome, 100% homegrown meals is a goal. So after taking a look at Going Herbal, this was the second book from the Back to Basics Living Bundle that I looked at.

The introductory chapters introduce you to the featured cookbooks, all originally published in the 1800s. Then she discusses how to source ingredients, make substitutions, and includes a measurement conversion chart (very useful) for converting old-fashioned measurements like saltspoons, gills, wine glasses, and teacupfuls.

Then the recipes. These are divided into sections including Breakfast Dishes (like Cinnamon-Sage Sausage Patties and Spiced Rose Water Pancakes), Breadstuffs (such as Sourdough Graham Bread and Indian Bannock), Soups and Stews (how about Spring Soup or Hodge Podge Stew), Side Dishes (the Bacon Fried Potatoes look yummy), Main Dishes (Ham Apple Pie), Desserts (Baked Carrot Pudding or maybe Chocolate Jumbles), and Cakes and Confections (like Cathie's Gingerbread or Cider Cake and Glaze.)

All recipes include the original version and I think the author made excellent choices in her substitutions for modern ingredients. One of the things I find interesting is that a number of the recipes call for part whole wheat flour and part sprouted wheat flour. There is also a recipe for "Homemade Yeast," i.e. sourdough, as well as some recipes for it.

I would love to have a paperback version of this cookbook, but unfortunately there isn't one!

For a list of all the eBooks in the Back to Basics Living bundle, click here. If you are interested in any particular one and would like me to review it, just ask!

You have several options to purchase the collection:
  • Online access: $39.97
  • USB flash drive: $64.97 (includes domestic shipping)
  • USB flash drive PLUS online access: $69.97 (includes domestic shipping)

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