September 22, 2017

September is National Prepared Month

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? I don't usually pay much attention to designated months and days, because mostly they're all too commercialized. However, anything with "Preparedness" in it catch my eye, and it did when I received a wrap-up email from the organizers of the Back To Basics Living Summit.

The Summit was wildly successful, with something like 250,000 page views and 20,000 video viewers during its free week. Reviews were excellent. (These videos are still available with the lifetime access "Superpackage," click here for that. But I warn you, now that the two introductory discounts are past, it's pricey! Unless you look at it as per video, which only comes to about $3.75 each.)

Anyway, Summit participants were asking about the Prepper Bundle. Some of you may remember my blogging about that eBook bundle back in June.

The questions from Summit goers was, "is it still available?"  Like all the Back To Basics Living bundles, it was a limited-time download offer. But I suppose because of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, plus continued activity in the Atlantic and Pacific, people have preparedness on their minds and were asking about it.

Because of that interest, the Prepper Bundle is going to be offered once more in a three and a half-day Flash Sale beginning Friday, September 22 at noon (Central Time) and ending Monday the 25th at midnight.

Some of the resources included in the PrepperBundle

Topics include:
  • Prepper checklists
  • Prepper kits
  • Preparedness specifically for city and suburban folks
  • Preparedness for children
  • Food preparedness
    • Basics of food storage
    • Basics of food preservation
    • Food Foraging: plants and trapping
    • Alternative cooking and baking
    • Seed saving course
  • How to make survival tools from household items
  • Preparing for basic medical care
  • How to build a cob rocket heater (video)
  • Off-grid power and living
  • Home security
  • Water security
  • Plus an interesting comparison between the U.S. and a modern country whose economic system made a devastating crash in recent years. Are we following in their footsteps?

My own offering is the eBook version of my How to Bake Without Baking Powder.

  • Prepper Bundle Online Access Only: $29.97 
  • Prepper Bundle Online Access plus USB Drive: $69.97

I have to tell you that there are some really excellent books in this collection with equally excellent information. If you missed out the first time, you might want to reconsider adding these resources to your homesteading and preparedness library. Seriously, because things certainly don't seem to be getting better in the world, do they?

So those are the basics. While the sale is in progress, I'll recap some of my favorite reads in the bundle. Or, you can click here for more information or to purchase.

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