September 9, 2017

B2B Summit Starts Sunday!

Just a quick reminder that the free Back To Basics Living Summit starts tomorrow, September 10th!

You should be able to click the image for an enlarged, easier to read view.

These are free video courses, but you must sign up for the times and access code. Another "but," they will be free only for the scheduled date and time. You can register by clicking here.

The other option is to buy lifetime access to the entire summit. The best discount will be available until Sept. 12. Click here for more information on that. It includes almost $185 in bonuses as well. If these are like the bonuses offered with the eBook bundles, they will be pretty good.

Yes, you can find a lot of similar videos on YouTube, but let's face it, so many of those videos are rambling (sorry, I'm interested in your dog's fleas!), poorly edited (great footage of the ground!), and talk more about doing something than how to do it. The presenters for the B2B Summit are experts and teachers. It will be worth finding the time to watch those topics that are catching your eye!

B2B Summit Starts Sunday! © Sept. 2017 


Rain said...

Hi Leigh :) I'm really looking forward to it! It's the first time I'm going to be involved in something like this. I hope I have time to check out everything!

Leigh said...

Rain, I think you are in a good timezone for that. The hosts are in the central time zone so that makes it convenient for most of the rest of us in North America!

Chris said...

Starry Hilder is doing a talk, most informative for anyone who wants to buy property (specifically off-grid). And Leigh Lynch's talk looks interesting too: Generating income doing what you love.

Leigh said...

Chris, apparently people are signing up for this webinar by the droves! Really an excellent opportunity for fantastic information.

Rain said...

Just wanted to thank you again for bringing this to my attention. I watched ALL of the presentations today. I loved the canning one, and of course, I'm now aware of 6 new wonderful bloggers! I can't wait until tomorrow! :)

Leigh said...

Rain, I'm so glad! I couldn't watch any today myself, but have heard the presentations are excellent. I was hoping the Summit would be a good fit for some of you all and am delighted to learn it's so.