September 23, 2017

Preparedness Resources Part 1

The PrepperBundle 3-day Flash sale is underway! As promised, here are reviews on three of the thirty resources included in the bundle.

Preparing For Emergency Evacuation

Simple 72 Hour Kits: A Step By Step System For Busy Families by Misty Marsh

Most of you are probably familiar with "bug out" kits, i.e. a grab-and-go kit you prepare before something like a weather disaster strikes and you have to leave in a hurry. But what do you need to put in it? This book will guide you through the process of creating an emergency evacuation kit containing three days of supplies for your family.

Preparing For Empty Grocery Store Shelves

Food Storage Made Easy: a three-part program by Jodi Moore and Julie Weiss

So you return home and thankfully find your house still standing. Or maybe you were fortunate enough to not have to leave. Now what? If you need to rely on FEMA or wait for the grocery stores to be restocked, you will be wishing you had a food storage. This 3-part book will teach you now to begin and stock a preparedness food storage pantry. Covers food (grains, legumes and meats, baking ingredients, fruits and veggies, comfort foods) water, and non-food item, plus recipes.

Preparing For Loss of Power

How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle by Tammy Trayer

While most of us probably aren't aiming to go off grid, losing power is a distinct possibility in many disaster scenarios. Who better to help you know how to plan than someone with off-grid living experience? In addition to the how-to of going off grid, this book help you think through everything you need to consider for when the grid goes down temporarily: tools, heating, water, sewage, appliances, laundry, cooking, baking, foraging, food preservation and storage, living without refrigeration, sickness and injury, protection, even phone and internet.

If you think these resources might be useful to you,

The price is $29.97 (about $1.00 per resource) for online access where you can download these PDF files, or $69.97 for online access plus a flash drive containing this preparedness library.

Let me know if you have questions!


Yarrow said...

We've been preparing for a possible long and shut in winter, depending on snow. I've got a lot stored up but like you, rarely do things according to designated months. It does make for good reading though :D

Leigh said...

Agreed! I find it helpful to read preparedness from someone else's perspective. They often think of things I haven't, so I get good ideas. :)

Harry Flashman said...

That looks like a good reference resource. I'm rethinking some of my procedures as a result of the bashing we got from Irma. Never hurts to review, no matter how long you have been doing something.

Leigh said...

Harry, that's me too. Between the weather and the political unrest in this country, I'm definitely rethinking a few things.