December 18, 2016

Winter House Project Part 3

Continued from Part 2.

Once the window was installed, the next step was putting up the new barn-board-look exterior siding. That required furring strips.

We are nailing the new siding panels directly onto the the old ship lap siding. The only prep was to wash it down with bleach water to kill any mildew (not uncommon with our humidity).

One can never have too much insulation! On this side of the house especially, because it gets the hot afternoon summer sun and in winter receives blasts of cold wind from the west. Insulation will be added between the studs after the siding is put up. Dan foamed the gaps around the window before installing the trim.

How different it looks with the siding!

I'll have to get used to how much smaller it is, but I like the higher horizontal placement for a bedroom facing the road.

Window and corner trims were put up last.

Painted and done.

You can see what it looked like before in the first post in this series.

On the inside

We won't do the interior wall until after the other two windows in this bedroom are replaced.

They will be identical to the ones on the left. Fortunately, we bought all four windows at the same time. After that we can put up the new siding and paint.

Still to do on the front porch is the ceiling, then we can finish the rest of the trimwork. We're getting close to getting the front of the house done, so I think that's going to be on Dan's list of goals for 2017.

Next → Making a decision about the front end gables.

Winter House Project Part 3 © December 2016 


Ed said...

We have one of those high horizontal windows in our bedroom and really like it. Your house is looking very nice!

Mrs Shoes said...

You're lucky to live in a climate where you can do such work this time of year.
My husband said that he could get a lot more done (that he can't do during livestock & crop season) if it weren't -30*C (-22*F) or MUCH worse all winter.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Wonderful window Leigh and Dan. I would do the same if we had to worry about folks seeing in. We are so lucky that our grain bin bedroom is on second floor and window looks out on cow pasture. We don't use curtains at all. I wonder though, how much we've damaged the eyesight of our local bird population.

Leigh said...

Thanks Ed! It's an amazing transformation, and one we're happy with.

Leigh said...

Yes, indeed, but there is a trade-off. From May to September this past summer we had daily temps of 98-99°F (37°C) with no relief from the heat. That was in the shade. It's difficult to stay hydrated in that kind of heat or do much physical labor for any length of time. In the sun it was hotter, even too hot for the garden.

Leigh said...

Donna, LOL. I'd love to have that kind of solitude. I still like my curtains though, especially in summer for blocking out the heat of the sun.

Michelle said...

Although bigger windows are prettier from the outside, I agree that the high horizontal window is perfect for an exposed bedroom – and gives you many more options for furniture placement! Can't wait to see it all done and painted blue (love that color); I'll bet you can't, either. ;-)

Sandy Livesay said...


Good to see you and Dan are able to continue on with work to the front of the house in the winter. It's just too cold to do any maintenance work on the outside of this house.
Stay warm!

Leigh said...

Furniture placement is a huge plus, because there wasn't much wall space in this room originally!

Leigh said...

Sometimes it seems crazy to do this stuff at this time of year. I shut off the room that's been opened up so as to not lose heat! Then I sometimes have to wait until it's warm enough to apply paint, poly, or other finish (and then it takes forever to dry, LOL)

Nancy In Boise said...

Looks great and will be nice and comfortable. Like the blue!!!

Mark said...

Hi Leigh! It is nice you can do at least some of that kind in winter when you're not worrying about gardens, and pastures and the like. We've got something like 8 inches of snow and are on are way to a brisk -10F temperature overnight. I'm thinking I'll hold off on my outdoor remodeling for a bit.

FYI - I pointed a friend from the 'day job' your way. She and her husband just moved out of the city, bought 5 acres in the country with an old farm house a couple of out-buildings and are starting down their own homesteading path. Made me thing of you and Dan right off!

Renee Nefe said...

looking good! yup, too cold here for outside chores. Instead I'm making a few pony tail hats and working on costumes. when the brat dog allows it. sigh!

Leigh said...

Thanks Nancy. The blue is curious. In the light it looks pale, in the shadows it looks dark. I notice some of my photos make it looks almost purplish. Strange!

Leigh said...

Mark! How nice to hear from you. If we had that snow and those temps we wouldn't be doing any of this outside work either.

Glad to hear about your friend. I hope she introduces herself. :)

Leigh said...

Dan's really gung-ho about the house projects so I hope our mild weather lasts!