December 10, 2016

King of the Stump

All my critters like chilly weather. The billy boys are bristled up and playing King of the Stump.

The Grizz starts the game.

Colby the challenger bides his time.

Somebody's coming.

Colby gets his turn just as Clark shows up on the scene.

Being older and wiser, Clark is largely unimpressed.

Then The Grizz takes over once more and on it goes.


  1. Replies
    1. The two young bucks really get along well and have ever since I got Colby this summer. Clark is alpha though, and they all know it!

  2. Something to keep them warm and entertained during the colder months. Perfect stump. :)

    1. As soon as we started getting cooler temperatures all the goats got friskier. :)

  3. Clark is older and wiser but also knows he has a couple of battering rams (no pun intended) on his head! Hee-hee.

    Your goats are enjoying cooler temps? They'd really love our 7° this morning! (Or maybe not.) ;o]

  4. Goats are really smart... I would love to watch them play. -Katie Kat.

  5. Wonderful series of photos. We don't own goats anymore but did for over 15 years. You do make me miss their antics!

  6. Leigh,

    Adorable! I love this type of free entertainment :-). Stay warm out there.


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