March 1, 2015

Riley Wants In

The improvements on the front porch, although slow, are not unappreciated. The formerly screened in front porch is now open, accessible, and ideal for making feline wishes known.


  1. I LOVE those pics. Of course, I love cats so....

    Ha! Riley definitely knows how to get your attention huh?

    Stay warm!!

  2. There is just something about cat paws. Seeing them smushed from the inside of the glass is adorable.

  3. the last photo with the mouth open says it all...."HURRY UP AND LET ME IN!!"

  4. Uhmmm . . . Do you think he's trying to tell you something? :o)

  5. Well, did you let him in? He looks so sweet!

  6. I guess that he forgot that he can just walk right in the back cat door. I wonder if he's like my old dog who would request to be let out the back door only to run around to the front door and ask to be let back in.

  7. Great pics! He is a handsome looking guy who clearly knows what he wants. I haven't been able to get pics, but our dog Zyla has figured out how put one paw under the storm door handle and rock back so the door opens 18 inches or so then slams back shut, thus announcing her desires. We keep telling her that in the summer when the front door is open with just a little more effort she could dash in before the door closes. She is either unconvinced or unsympathetic. We still have to let in our ourselves.

  8. Oh, I hope you let him in and gave him some love! :)

  9. Leigh,

    Riley is cute, great pictures too!

  10. Great pictures! We have two at our back glass doors who do the same thing. :)

  11. This makes me smile. A similar sight greets me each morning when I come into the kitchen to make coffee. :)

  12. Isn't it great when a project is finished?

    Michael just finished a big project and we all couldn't be happier. I'm going to post it on Friday.

    Cute cat.

  13. Oh my goodness, that third picture is hilarious! You could write a story about the expression on his face.

    Congratulations on the finish, I bet it feel divine. Have a great day!

  14. 1st Man, he's a pro at getting attention!

    Rosalyn, there is something about cat paws. :)

    Gill, that's exactly it!

    Mama Pea, lol. And he does it without a meow.

    DFW, how could I not let that in!

    Renee, except the kitty door is one way only now, out! That happened after they kept bringing chipmunks into the house.

    Mar, that's so funny. Sounds like what our Katy cat does. Except she'll bang the screen door even when one of us is standing there ready to go in ourselves.

    Nancy, yes on both! :)

    Carolyn, looks pretty important, doesn't it.

    Sandy, he does take great shots.

    Our journey, thanks! Animals certainly know how to communicate without words!

    Bill, so you do doorman duty before coffee duty, right? ;)

    Karen, well, it's not finished yet, but at least the cats can make their wishes known, LOL

    Melanie, he makes great material for blog posts. :) Project is a long way from finished, but the door and window are huge progress. :)

  15. Aww, so sweet! :)



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