March 20, 2015

Built-In Playgroup

Several folks have commented on Helen's having quadruplets, because it seems an unusual number of kids for the single birth of a goat. When we think of goats kidding, we usually think of twins, singles, or triplets. For Kinders, however, quads are not all that unusual, occasionally even quints. This, plus the amount of milk, butterfat, and meat they can produce, make them the perfect homestead breed in my not so humble opinion!

The universal game!

With this many the concern is whether or not they're all getting enough to eat. I've been monitoring weight gain, also activity and contentment level. A kid getting enough to eat is happy, curious, and very active.

As they get bigger I'll especially have to make sure the little doeling gets her share. Bucklings tend to grow faster, plus they have that male chutzpah so that they often barge in and push everybody else out of the way. So far so good.

At 8 days old they're beginning to sample everything

Daphne watch continues.

I'm expecting at least triplets or one very large kid!

Kinder gestation averages 147 days; that day being March 29th. If there are less than three in there then they must be huge!

Only time will tell.


Sandy Livesay said...


The pictures of your recent 4 are just adorable. They're very playful and checking everything out.

Daphne looks so uncomfortable here in this picture. It's like she's saying..... okay, I've had enough!

Chris said...

I want to scoop them all up and make them my babies! But that would be stealing, so I'll just admire them from afar. ;)

Fingers crossed for Daphne!

Gill - That British Woman said...

she does look as big as a house. The little ones are so flipping cute I agree.

Farmer Barb said...

Having goats myself, I can fill in the sounds to go with the pictures. As to the pregnant look, I gained almost 50% of my body weight with a single baby, too, and he WAS huge. Poor Daphne. All she can do is endure. It is our lot in life, eh?

Mama Mess said...

I just can't say enough about baby goats.......they are just the most fun!

Leigh said...

Sandy, gotta love those baby goats. That position Daphne is sitting in must shift the load down to give her lungs a little breathing room!

Chris, they are hard not to love and hard not to hug. In fact, I try to indulge in that as much as possible!

Gill, can't wait to see how many are in there!

Barb, either you must have been huge yourself and/or you're an extremely petite gal! Good thing the cuteness factor of all babies makes it worth it. :)

Goodwife, they are the joy of every goat keeper!

Caroline J. Baines said...

Babies! They're so dang cute - keep sharing pictures, please!

The Cranky said...

I'm so glad you came by... got a new computer and somehow lost every single bookmark when transferring info.!

The kidlings are adorable, but poor Daphne; hope she delivers soon.

How are you and yours?

Mama Pea said...

Very good point about the babies making their own play group! A single wouldn't get near the exercise or play fun as even a twin would.

I'd love to see pictures with you or Dan next to the goats to get a good idea of their sizes . . . both babies and mamas. Possible?

Karen@ said...

Such cuties!
It is good that you handle them a lot. It makes for nicer adult goats. I'm so excited for ours to be born. It is Brown Sugar's first freshening so we will be out there just in case. Her due date is 4/9.

Renee Nefe said...

Darly is going to be happy to see all the babies and that they are doing so well. The cat picture is a bonus. :D

Julene said...

My husband and I both enjoy seeing your new additions! And, marvel at their growth and cuteness! Can't wait to see the next batch! Happy Spring, for sure!

Unknown said...

Hey Leah. Kelsee here with Kinder Korner. I'm not sure who told you the average for a Kinder was 147, but probably at least 90% of mine all go on day 150.

I have one doe that goes 5 days early, and one doe that goes 2 days late. But the rest are usually pretty consistent at day 150. Loving the new pictures!

Leigh said...

Caroline, thanks! I've been meaning to tell you that the email address you gave me to sign up for notifications for new books in my Little Series of Homestead How-Tos seems to be an undeliverable address. Not sure if I got it down wrong or what. So my apologies for not getting you those announcements.

Jacqueline, so good to see you! We're all doing well, very busy, but well. :)

Mama Pea, they certainly do entertain themselves. :) And us, LOL. In regards to a photo I may be able to get Dan to volunteer. I, on the other hand, am allergic to that end of the camera.

Karen, I so hope it goes well for you. Kidding is a fun and exciting time of year.

Renee, tell her no names yet, but I'm thinking about Dancin' Cowboy, Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie. ;)

Julene, so glad you enjoyed that. Really looking forward to batch #2.

Hi Kelsee! That 147 day tidbit actually came from Pat Showalter. Or rather from a study VA State University did on 10 years worth of her kidding records. They determined that for her herd, at least, the average gestation was 147.5 days. Of course, like any gestation estimate it's not very accurate. And maybe this is just for those Washington goats. :)

Bateman Homestead said...

Oh my gosh!!! The are too adorable! No wonder you have been too busy, I would be too! Congrats on finally reaching that goal of deserve this, you have worked so hard towards it.

Rosalyn said...

What a wonderful way to spend your days! Your kids are gorgeous, and I can't wait to hear of poor Daphne's delivery of her little bunch! I am so very envious of your green grass... at this point I'm not even sure grass has ever grown in my province! Happy first day of spring. :)

Thats My Cuppa Tea said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us less wise folks! Do you plan on selling any of your goat or hog youngsters in the future. If not, would you feel comfortable recommending a breeder or two?

Leigh said...

Stephanie, thank you! This is definitely a dream come true. Feeling very blessed. :)

Rosalyn, our green grass is another blessing! I worry more about heat and drought than I do frigid winter temperatures, LOL

Kelly, you're welcome! Yes, I definitely plan to see most of the kids, also most of the piglets. At this point I plan to keep Helen's little doe and sell the boys. Have to wait until Daphne kids to decide about that. What part of the country are you in? Email me at 5acresandadream at mail dot com and I can give you more information and contact for other breeders as well.

Unknown said...

What fun they are. You could certainly lose a few hrs just enjoying them.

Unknown said...

So CUTE!!!!!

Kat said...

This year's kidding left me perplexed. My Kinder, who has never had less than twins, birthed a single gorgeous doeling. On the other hand, my LaMancha, who I had at one point given up on ever having babies, gave me quads.
I have eight sweet babies bouncing around the pasture now. Nothing is as sweet and cuddlesome as a pile of baby goats.

Leigh said...

Lynda, and I do. :)

Nancy, you said it!

Kat, yeah, goats can be a real mystery when it comes to breeding and kids. But congratulations on such a good year!