March 15, 2015

Little Goats' First Outing

We had a streak of rainy days after Helen kidded, so it wasn't until yesterday that her kids finally got to go outdoors for the first time.

The gate is open!

Meeting Auntie Daphne for the first time

She looks like mom, but she isn't mom

Little Girl and Daphne

Little Boy #3

Snack attack!

Little Boys #2 & 1 with Helen

A chicken!

Little Boy #2

Little Boy #1

They mostly stayed under the overhang, where the ground is dry and protected from rain. I'm so thankful for it because it meant there wasn't a sea of mud outside the goat door.

Both Daphne and Bunny were pretty good with the little ones. Of course they saw Daphne's teats immediately (they're at eye level, after all) and couldn't understand why she said no. So far they seem to be getting enough to eat from Helen alone, although I'll continue to monitor weight gain to make sure that continues to remain the case. For now, every one is happy, hoppy, and doing well.


  1. They are looking good only a few weeks until they have friends to play with then it will be mayhem in the playground :-)

  2. They will be jumping and kicking in no time! Very healthy looking kids!

  3. They look so active and healthy. Bet they're glad to be out in the open now, let's hope that good behaviour continues. Must to be a relief to know everyone is getting along.

  4. PP, cute and so much fun!

    Dawn, looking forward to that (and hoping for more girls, LOL)

    Tuesday, it's amazing how quickly they become so active. Very thankful for the good health!

    Chris, one of my Nubians (who has gone on to a new home) was quite the bully with other's kids. And I once had a Nigerian Dwarf doe who would flatten all kids but her own just for the heck of it! This group seems to be so much better in that department.

  5. Their slightly bent ears makes me think of Sister Bertril in The Flying Nun!

  6. They all look so great! I've found that my girls have never had trouble feeding multiple kids. As a matter of fact, one year when Tulip had triplets, she fed them all and still gave me 3#'s of milk a day milking once a day!

  7. Look at those airplane ears! They look very healthy, Leigh, what a blessing. I hope you survive the rain and mud and can get your garden in. We are awash in rain and mud for the foreseeable future.


  8. Loved the pictures, every one of them. Those ears! It almost looks as if they use them for balance. It's a wonder that all four can get enough time at the "snack bar" considering there are only two teats to use at a time!

  9. Is that Bunny in the chicken picture checking out the new kids?

    So glad that everyone is doing well.

  10. Oh my goodness. They are just too cute!

  11. The kids all look so healthy! And the cuteness is on overload!

  12. Barb, ha! They do have funny ears at this point. Eventually they'll straighten out. Lily's ears used to remind me of a Dutch Boy haircut.

    Goodwife, that's very good news. Hopefully that will remain the case, although our 4th may take up that extra 3#, LOL

    Fern, tis the season for rain, rain, rain, and mud! Very thankful for healthy kids and hoping for Daphne's to be the same

    Mama Pea, thanks! For the most part, they don't all want to nurse at once, which helps, although it means Helen is usually occupied with one or another. Will have to keep an eye out to make sure every kid is getting their fair share.

    Renee, yes, that's Bunny. I didn't have a good shot with her in it. :(

    DFW, I couldn't agree more. :)

    Erika, I could probably post days worth of cute photos, but I have to control myself, LOL

    Nancy, agreed!

  13. Those little guys are just SO cute!! Hope they do well for you.

  14. When I had my two goats, they never wandered off into the woods, they always stayed right around the buildings somewhere. I wonder if yours would wander away if they were not fenced in?

  15. There were some detours, but now you are full steam ahead with your Kinder herd and I'm so happy for you! Great-looking kids.

  16. Cuteness turned up to 10. If we could make some $$ out of all those cute animal photos youd have an excuse to be out there all day snapping away. Goat Calender/diary with helpful tips and reminders for worming etc.

  17. Sue, thanks. At this point I'll just make sure they're well fed and well cared for. Once they do some growing up I'll have a better idea of how they'll fit into the Kinder world.

    Harry, I think they would stay fairly close, but I think their range may be larger than our yard! Not so sure the neighbors would want goats wandering through (the guinea fowl were bad enough) also don't want them in the street. Truly wish we were more isolated.

    Michelle, amazing, isn't it? I'm so very thankful for it all.

    Lynda, you're full of really good ideas. I did look into having calendars made, but they are so very expensive. Your calendar/diary idea however, may be doable. Thanks!

  18. You can't look at those pics and not smile! How cute! And they all look healthy, too. Love it!

  19. They are so cute, love them. I have four girls due this week. Three are first time fresheners. We are still waiting for the weather to clear here, freezing rain and snow last night.

  20. I love them. And now I want some, too. Dang it ;)

  21. Those are some handsome kids!

  22. Four!! That is so amazing that a goat can hold that many babies inside! I know how stressful it can get and hoping momma doesn't step on her bag. You are very lucky and they are adorable!!
    Will you keep them all?

  23. Leigh,

    They are adorable!! Out investigating everything, including Daphne :-)

  24. So nice to see a gang of happy babies! And I always try to get a picture of the first time a goat sees a funny :)

  25. They are adorable!! And they certainly seem to be gerowing into their curiosity! They will definitely be a handful especially when the other little ones arrive! I don't envy you then! But they sure are cute to look at until then.

  26. Mark, I only wish I had lots of video footage of them all. They are so bouncy! It's fun to watch.

    Kathleen, that's exciting and I hope your weather does indeed clear! I was so relieved to have warmer weather for these little ones birth.

    Jaime, you know what they say, that goats are like potato chips ...

    Bill, I'm really pleased with the color assortment and markings. What a troop!

    Julene, I didn't think she looked big enough for four, and they were all a good size too. She's a trooper though, even if she is always feeding somebody. :)

    Sandy, thanks!

    Quinn, and then they figure out that if they run or jump at a chicken, the chicken takes off in a squawk! More fun!

    Rosalyn, thanks!

  27. Not sure if there is anything cuter than a wee little goat kid!

  28. squeezable lil! Love Love Love! :)


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