November 10, 2014

Front Porch: Framing for the Floor

Progress at last. Last time I showed you what we did to rebuild the foundation. This time I can show you the framing for the new floor.

We decided to run the decking boards from the house to the front, instead of lengthwise. I'll explain why in an upcoming post. That decision determined how the framing framed out.

A few homemade piers were needed. Above are brick piers, below are 4x4 piers. Basically, Dan made them from materials that were handy.

Notice too, the yellow up-arrow in the lower right hand corner of the photo. See how it points to a shallow ridge of some sort? That is actually a row of bricks, nearly buried. They seem to outline a past ... what? Small porch? Except the existing porch roof is built right into the house roof and is open to the attic. There are always interesting clues to make us wonder what out house looked like when it was built 90 years ago.

Another surprise!

Do you remember how pleased I was that the crawlspace is now supposedly critter proof? The night before I took this photo, I heard something on the porch and thought Dan was out there in the dark. Except he was in the house. The next morning we found that hole dug under and into the crawlspace. Dan set out a live animal trap but we didn't catch anything, nor was there another trace of animal activity after that.

Dan put extra support in front of the door and where the bay window will hopefully go.

Next step will be the porch floor. Click here for that.


Dani said...

Oh, you nust be so excited - your plan is coming together. Is Dan available? No remuneration, unfortunately, but food and accomodation and the opportunity to visit another country by way of compensation ;)

Kev Alviti said...

Good job! I was going to start my porch this weekend but it was too wet so I worked for someone else instead. I love doing a job where you can see lots of progress at the end of the day. I always think that with a job like that it would be nice to have a camera that would take a picture very 10 minutes or so and then do a video at the end.

Farmer Barb said...

Ooh, yes! Fast motion filming. Awesome idea!

I always get a little giddy at the framing stage. After the big hole, it looks so "house-like". Congratulations!

Leigh said...

Dani, LOL. He's had a number of travel offers but I think I'll keep him close to home. :) What I'm really looking forward to is putting in the new energy rated door and windows. That will make a huge difference!

Kev, thanks! I think that very reason is why Dan likes building, seeing the progress. Your time lapse photo record is a great idea.

Barb, this is definitively the kind of progress we like!

Renee Nefe said...

It appears that the local critters are finding all your hard work makes the house even more cozy for them. Are you considering any more critter proofing, like chicken wire?

The floor supporting looks great. You could have square dancing parties out there when it's finished. ;)

Sandy Livesay said...


With older homes you find surprises all the time, like the brick layer for the porch.

Great job on the extra support for your new floor.

Oh boy, nothing like a critter thinking they can move in. I hope you're able to capture the critter or scare it out before you fill whole in and finish the porch.

Jessika said...

Are those brick piers sealed together at all? They are beautiful, and I admire your using items you already have. However, I'm asking because I've been stunned how much my deck has moved, and even a little bit of movement can mean piers get jiggled. And jiggling will mean bricks fall off. Even something as simple as a little mortar or strong caulk to help keep them together might be something that saves you work down the line.

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

looks great!! Soon you will be enjoying your porch.

Mama Mess said...

I very much enjoyed reading about your remodel. I looked at the pictures of the kitchen and it's amazing! You all do great work!

DFW said...

I'll bet you will be so happy to get this finished. It will be great! You both are doing a fantastic job, as usual.

Quinn said...

The view of the joists brings back memories of when I first built the screenporch in 1997. And now, suddenly, I'm on to Phase Two: a glassed-in, winter-ready porch! Onward...

Mark said...

Your Dan is a handy guy! It really looks good, and it must feel wonderful to see the work progressing. From the looks of the picture one would think it would take a sizable critter, like a big 'coon or something, to move the bricks and dig through Dan's work. Hopefully you can get sealed that up good, and with the added barrier of the porch foundation keep them out.

Unknown said...

Looks good!

Rob said...

Nice, very nice

1st Man said...

Wow, that is coming along NICELY! I know how old houses have all sorts of issues but y'all have dealt with them like pros. Nice work!!! The farm house needs to be leveled again...we too can offer lodging and food. I will double Dani's offer! Twice as much food! LOL!

Leigh said...

Renee, we thought it was critter proofed!

Sandy, we finally figured out to expect those surprises, LOL. Of the critter, there has been no trace except last night, while I was working at the computer, I heard something out in the front porch area! Of course the noise stopped as soon as I turned on the light and went out. sigh

Jessika, that's a good tip and I'm not sure if he did that. The previous helter-skelter piers lasted about 90 years, but that may be a commentary on how much the front porch is used.

Teresa, thanks! I hope it's soon!

the Goodwife, thank you! We've really enjoyed working on the house and making it truly our own. It's fun to scrounge for deals and used materials. But it does take time and I sometimes wish it were all done so we could move on to other things like a goat barn!

Deb, I will be so happy to get it done. Not as happy as the neighbors, I'm sure, cuz it looked pretty bad before, LOL. I'm looking forward to sealing off all the air leaks and having better windows and door. The living room is hot in summer and cold in winter. I'll be glad to fix that.

Quinn, those screenporches do have a way of getting enclosed, don't they. Dan keeps hinting at that and I put my foot down! The extra room would be nice, higher taxes for more square footage wouldn't, but mostly I want to get on to the barn!

Mark, he is very handy, for which I am exceedingly thankful. The critter does seem like a large one, doesn't it? We've been thinking woodchuck because they are very common around here. We do have racoons although I've never seen ones, possums too, which I've seen, but I think those are climbing animals rather than burrowing ones(?)

Nancy and Rob, thanks!

1st Man, LOL. The offers are just getting better. I confess Dan does love to eat. :)

Anonymous said...

It's really coming together :) you both are so talented.