November 12, 2014

Happy Kingdom Kinders California

May I present the newest addition to my Kinder mini-herd, my new buckling,

Happy Kingdom Kinders California

He is a 16 week old, 7th generation Kinder; one of a pair of twin bucklings. He came all the way from California, from Kinder breeder Debby Riddle (Riddle Family Farm - you can read her side of the story here). Like Helen and Daphne, and Randy, his being here is a providential miracle. And what a feat it has been!

There are lots of tasty leaves to eat here.

For a cross-country journey we figured flying would be the best route, being quickest, but finding an airline to do it and getting all the checklist boxes checked off (proper airline approved crate, veterinary health certificates, etc.) was a job of work, for which Debby gets all the credit.

Meeting Randy, his fellow Kinder buck, for the first time

He came in Monday evening, on United Airlines as "petsafe" live animal cargo. He took it like a trooper and never made a peep! It was a long day, however, so I was relieved to get him home and settled in.

Pygmy buck Gruffy was curious too

To make his adjustments I've given him Bunny as a temporary companion. Being my littlest buck, I wanted him to meet the Big Billy Boys from the opposite side of the fence. Plus, travel is stressful, as is being separated from familiar goats, people, and surroundings, so I want to keep a careful eye on our boy. Once they get to know one another, the Boys will all be together. I have to add that he is considerably more interested in the Big Boys than in bellyaching little Bunny.

He's taken everything in stride, even pigs.

He in interested in everything and has a very calm personality. He will go to work next year. He is a most welcome addition to the homestead.

My Billy Boys


Michelle said...

Congrats! I flew one of my Shetland lambs to Alaska for a buyer several years ago; I was surprised then at the relative ease and affordability of flying a sheep!

Dawn said...

What a handsom fella, how exciting next year will be I do hope it all works out well for you and you have lots of young kinders. :-)

small farm girl said...

He's good looking! I just love a nice and calm goat. I have had my share of the crazies. lol

Leigh said...

Michelle, thanks! Yes, the air fare was really reasonable. Even after adding the cost of crate, veterinary health certificates, and miscellaneous expenses, it was still cheaper than flying a human!

Dawn, thanks! Things definitely seem to be working out better than expected. I feel so blessed.

Small farm girl, and personality is always the biggest unknown! The last buck I sold hollered like Tarzan at the girls. All the time! I've had several bucks who had no respect for humans too, which is a great way to get injured (just ask me).

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...
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Unknown said...

Oh, he is so cute! I also like that he has a lot of black fur. Pretty! We have Boer and Nubian mixed goats on our farm.

Renee Nefe said...

Glad to hear that he flew well and seems to like his new surroundings...hope that Bunny settles soon.

Now I should really get back to costumes. sigh

Leigh said...

Goose Hill Farm, thank you for visiting!

Brittany, are yours for dual purpose too? My new little guy is black and soft!

Renee, well, not planning any unauthorized breeding, LOL. I'm not sure Bunny has even come into heat yet. When she does and she weighs enough, this will be a good pair for sure.

Mama Mess said...

Congrats! He reminds me a lot of a little Kinder buckling that was born to us a few years ago. We named him Bob!

Ngo Family Farm said...

Awwwww! He looks super sweet and I'm sure loves his new home. So cute. Need more goaty pics please ;)

DFW said...

He is a cutie!

Laylah said...

oh my gosh, what a little cutiepie! Look at him mugging for the camera in that second shot. Good luck getting him settled in and used to his new surroundings!

Michelle said...

Congratulations! He is a beauty! :-)

Leigh said...

the Goodwife, Bob is a very good name!

Jaime, LOL I need no excuse to post more goaty pictures. :)

Deb, thanks!

Laylah, he does seem to like the camera, doesn't he? :) So far he seems to like it here!

Michelle, thanks!

Lynda said...

You're beautiful new buck came from just over the hill from my ranch! Glad you have a piece of "California"!

Lynda said...

Sorry about the horrible grammar...I would love to blame auto-correct...but, it was probably me! *YOUR!!!!

Leigh said...

Lynda, good to hear from you! Thank you! Yes, I knew what you meant, LOL. Too bad blogger doesn't have an edit feature for comments. :)

Bill said...

Congrats! He's a handsome fellow. I'm sure he's pleased to have his feet back on terra firma. May he have a long healthy and productive life on your farm. :)

Nina said...

He's a good looking boy! With that easy going attitude, he should fit in quickly and be a boon to your herd.

Sandy Livesay said...


He's a healthy little guy, and very inquisitive. He'll fit right in there and do you proud!!!

Chris said...

Gotta love that last picture. What a motley crew of curious capras! Is Gruffy giving you the evil eye for food, or what? ;)

I really hope all works out for the next breeding season. I know you already do, but I love your goats. Such characters. Mr California (Cali for short) seems much too mellow, but maybe that's just the Californian sunshine talking.

What a sweetie!

I've started a new (small) blog, if you want to catch-up over winter.

Leigh said...

Bill, thanks! He's adapted more quickly than any goat we've ever had. The young ones are often lonely for mom, siblings, and "home", but he's been interested in everything and identified with the other bucks the instant he saw them. Small blessings. :)

Nina, exactly! So nice to have one that fits in so quickly.

Sandy, thank you! He has certainly made himself at home and the other goats have accepted him readily. That's something else to be thankful for.

Chris, I had to laugh when I first had a look at that photo of the three. I could never have caught that expression on Gruffy's face if I'd be trying!

So glad you're keeping your hand at blogging. Thanks for letting me know. :)